Palava City Management Association Ensuring Residents’ Well-Being

Hardly is there a person who doesn’t wish to live in the city with wise management. What can be better than being sure that every essential aspect of city life is thoroughly thought out and carefully planned? With Palava City Management Association, the residents of this number one smart city in India can have peace of mind and confidence in every upcoming day.

Palava City Management Association (or simply PCMA) is an independent body that takes good care of all residents’ well-being. It consists of expert city administrators, professional urban planners, and citizens of Palava. The main goal of the Palava City Management Association is to create the best possible environment for all residents by ensuring the smooth functioning of Palava.

What Palava City Management Association Does

Being the central body of the Palava City management, PCMA monitors, manages, and regulates all aspects related to the city amenities, infrastructure, and civic life in Palava, from the city social responsibility program to cultural and sports activities. Whether you are a resident of Lodha Central Park, Lakeshore Greens, Palava City Trinity, Prime Square or Aquaville, the Palava City Management Association is on guard of your comfortable living.

Intelligent Lodha Palava City Management

  • Major attribute of Palava is conscientious planning and its foresight which is evident in every aspect of this smart city.
  • Ensuring security with 24x7 CCTV monitoring.
  • Palava Waste Management program to convert organic waste to manure/biogas to generate electricity.
  • 24X7 water and power supply and to implement rainwater harvesting to reuse the water for landscaping and other purposes.
  • Implementing smart card technology for one point solution to track issues and updates.
  • Palava Traffic management is also a trait at city which will monitor Traffic throughout 24x7 for hassle free roads.

Palava City Management Association is preoccupied with a wide range of operations concerning water and energy management, transport management, Palava City waste management as well as the safety and security of the citizens.

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