Fb postThe world is moving and technology is leading the way.  Real estate market in India is also undergoing a sea change, where more than 100 smart cities are being planned in the country.  Smart cities have a well thought through infrastructure that integrates state of the art amenities into everyday living for the betterment of its dwellers.

Lodha Builders have a reputation of building intelligent spaces with smart amenities keeping the future in mind.  With the objective of developing a self-sufficient city within Maharashtra’s Dombivali area, Lodha’s Palava city focuses on building homes for tomorrow and for the generations to come.  The project claims Palava city as the ‘city of opportunities’ and as a new way to live.

If you are considering investing in Lodha Palava city, then you can expect a whole new way of living a hi tech life, with smart features like Smart security systems, Better water management, Efficient traffic management systems, Waste management and Energy conservation.  This is just a glimpse of the forward thinking proposed by Palava city for its residents.  Hence, if you are thinking of buying your first home, Palava city is a great option to make your investments and expectations meet futuristic thinking.

For those who are looking at buying property in the Palava city for pure investment purpose, it is a great prospect with promising returns in the long run.  However, if you are an investor with short term gain in mind, then investing in this property may not be the wisest decision as the property is currently in the implementation stage and will take time to shape into its expected form.

Palava city is a great investment opportunity for young investors looking at buying their first home, as it not only gives them time to enjoy the appreciation value of the property, but also gives them the benefit of enjoying the smart life the property promises for better part of their lives.

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