The buzz of the smart city statuses and the new changing face of the economy has given rise to an ambition, a beauty never described to its full potential, the Palava smart city which is way ahead of its time. A planned extravagance that is going to lead the way, be an example for the future smart cities on how to look like.

You must be sitting back wondering that, what is so special about this place which is in the places that have been around us for years. But this place is no longer the place it used to be. No longer is it the backyard that was not given its true credit. It has transformed into a semi city, never imagined until the recent past.

The actual design, the planning, the plans all could be viewed, studied and discussed by having a look and collecting material online. But the real thing, the actual smart city, the first of its kind, with its actual living standards, the homes, spaces, views and the atmosphere are not the once which could be googled or surfed through. The actual feel and attraction, the readiness to be a part of the change would arise only after actually breathing in the air, actually witnessing the discussed marvels, looking for oneself how good could a city be.

Again, these are plain words you are reading from your tablets or smart phones and they don’t do justice to the aura and the ambience of the place. So waiting is useless. Getting out there and sinking in the smartness of the cool city or rather, calmness of the smart city is a must.

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