Codename Riverside is Palava city’s newest addition and is all set to welcome new residents to the country’s first smart city! The Lodha Group has been continuously striving to offer more and better amenities and features for its residents. To create, maintain and enrich a smart city involves a lot of work and to accomplish this, Palava’s CEO is constantly on the lookout for inspiration for making Palava world class in all aspects.

As a part of this mission, he travels to some of the best modern cities in the world with outstanding infrastructure and well-planned amenities. From Singapore to Sydney and New York to Zurich, there is plenty to learn and recreate in Palava.

Like Beijing, a hotspot of companies and jobs, Palava is developed around an opportunity-abundant location that will create thousands of job opportunities in the years to come.

Tokyo is famous for its many fine dining restaurants in prime locations. In Palava, at least 1000 prime spots have been allotted for the development of high-end luxury restaurants in the future.

In Sydney, one of the most prominent features you’ll note is the abundance of green spaces with picturesque parks and scenic waterfronts. In Palava, efforts have been taken to allot 25 percent of open greenery and a large central park as well as lakefronts with restaurants and cafes.

Paris is one of the first tourist locations that come to one’s mind – it is popular and full of cheer and attracts millions of people every year. In Palava, steps have been taken to bring the colours and cheer of Paris by adding a massive shopping mall, cafes, a culture center and a museum.

In Boston, you will find some of the top universities and educational institutions to cater to the needs of different students. In Palava, top-quality schools and colleges are being built to ensure that the children here get world-class education to make them knowledgeable and capable.

In San Francisco, most workplaces are located close by and not exceeding 30 minutes away from the residential area. With the booming work market in and around Palava, one can expect to reach workplaces in 15 minutes or less!

Every year, Palava adds something new and innovative, keeping in mind the need for the citizens to find everything they wanted inside their very own city. Codename Riverside comes with better and improved facilities and flexible apartment sizes for every budget!

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