Mumbai is the city of dreams they say. But these dreams are pretty costly and the mere thought of settling down in this dream city and owning a house here can give one not just sleepless nights but also mind boggling days.

Back in the times, people used to take a lifetime to invest in a property and we hardly heard of family settling in a Nuclear setup, people staying in the same city all their life in their ancestral homes and not moving out, resulting in fewer houses for a family.

With newer organizations setting base, hiring more people, there is a tenfold demand for houses. And looking at homes that are in demand we must say, people have become very choosy and picky about the kind of houses that they want to invest in. Keeping in mind the demands of people and their personal aspirations, the Lodha group launched its Palava city, with the best of amenities and enough and more open space and greenery.

Employees of organizations like software organizations like TCS, Cognizant, Accenture, Wipro etc, are aspiring and buying houses in Palava city because of a lot of reason like: They look forward to matching up their personal spaces the way their offices are, plush and fully equipped. And the city is not like any other residential area, but one which is fully equipped and planned, with intelligent designs & impeccable finishes, the best of eating joints, a multiplex etc., making life better and a class apart.

For the Government officials, like the ones associated or were associated with BARC, Indian Oil etc, this place is an ideal place for investment as they have spent most of their times with their families in places like Bandra, Chembur, which are counted in one of the best places to reside in Mumbai and are used to  the lifestyle of these places, however the affordability of investing there remains a challenge for these officials. Lodha Palava remains a hot investment piece as these people get what is most desired of a place, good amenities, an educated social network, peaceful surrounding and open space. And not one thing would be a concern at Palava. The group has developed the place keeping in mind all the needs people may have when they want to build not just houses for themselves but houses that they proudly call “Home” .

Another set of employees that I would like to mention here are the employees of Reliance. With most of them residing in areas in Navi Mumbai, the access to Palava city is not much of a concern. The overall awareness of this lot on their credibility, affordability, distance, and the want for a world class residential space for them and their families makes it a good bet for the employees of Reliance, it being stationed at Airoli. All of them are definitely gaga about the infrastructure, its connectivity, the Multiplex, Multi specialty medical facilities etc at Palava and recommending their friends and peers for investments here.

Also, for all these corporate employees, fitness remains an important motivation, which just not comes naturally, but also through living a peaceful, healthy life and the Lodha Palava city not just offers the best of the materialistic world but also vast expanse of greenery and open spaces for all things soothing.

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