Palava has always been a game changing project in the real estate industry. A city with 4500 acres of Development has a lot of things for offering. Apart from golf links homes, lake shore homes & international sports facilities. This city has its own mall, a magnificent infrastructure which will be first of its type as Dombivali doesn’t have any big mall. This infrastructure will be a huge add on to the people of Dombivali.

Xperia Mall has all the international brands & all of the major food outlets. One of the top fast food outlets is Mc Donalds & soon it Xperia Mall will have Mc Donalds in its food outlet list. The operation of Mc Donalds is expected to start from April 2016. The mall craze was building like anything. As most of the residents enquired about the inauguration of the mall.

Updates on Xperia Mall

Updates on Xperia Mall

The development of Mall is in full swing & it will start its function in next few months. PVR, a multiplex will also start functioning from March 2016. It is expected that PVR will be launched in sync with the release of FAN to mark is the massive inauguration. It is expected to be full house & it will be a scene to watch once this mall will be fully operational.

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