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Timeline of Palava - Lodha Palava Lakeshore Greens

Timeline of Palava

Timeline of Palava – Who doesn’t wish to stay at a place where there is greenery all around? Where there are open spaces to breathe freely. Where your children can play and display their creative exuberance. Or, a place where you can ponder in a space that lets you experience peace.

It’s a place where you can relax and also enjoy some wholesome entertainment. Place where you can take time out, play sports, and enjoy it as your hobby. Palava is the place with all the modern amenities and a place where you can dream of a bright future. Palava city is the future of the smart city.

Palava city is the biggest township that is being developed by Lodha in the heart of Dombivali, Mumbai. Its connectivity to Kalyan Shil road makes it the most expedient smart city and place to invest in. Palava city by Lodha is spread across 4000 acres of land. There are different phases of the project. Phase 1 has already been developed and there are lakhs of people happily residing in phase one.

The development of phase two has also started and it will be completed by the end of 2018 or early 2019. The third phase is also being developed by Palava, which will be spread across 2500 acres of land.

The third phase will be completed by 2025. In fact, once the third phase of Palava is complete, it will become the number one township of Mumbai. Not only Mumbai, but it will also become the number one smart city in India.

The planning phase

Phase One

Lodha Palava Phase 1

Timeline of Palava – The planning and development of Palava city started in the year 2000. Since the township required a lot of planning for development, it took some time to actually implement the whole idea of a township. It was in the year 2009; Lodha group launched Casa Bella.

The first phase of Palava was also launched at that time. Casa Bella was launched with the right marketing plan and it succeeded in creating a place in the hearts of people.

In the initial week of the launch, Casa Bella saw more than 200 bookings, which was phenomenal for a new township. In fact, over a period, more than 2300 families became part of the Casa Bella in Palava city by Lodha. This was all in the span of the initial six months.

In September 2009, Casa Bella gold was launched as a part of the first phase in Palava. This phase also saw instant bookings and within a span of six months, more than 4300 families became a part of Casa Bella Gold.

With the successful development of Casa Bella in phase one, Lodha Palava also launched Casa Rio in March 2010. Casa Rio also got many bookings in the initial stages of the launch.

About 300 pre-bookings for flats were made for Casa Rio in phase one of Palava city. Casa Rio was also launched with all the great facilities and modern amenities so it instantly attracted people who were looking for a dream home in Palava city.

Four townships were all launched within two years and so many families got their dream homes because of Palava city by Lodha. Phase 1 saw a surge in rates too because of infra projects around Palava city.

After the successful completion of Casa Rio gold, Lodha group decided to launch another township in the name of club Casa Bella. It was launched in the year June 2013.

The bookings for this project were also great as many families made pre-bookings in this project too. Lodha world school was also started in 2013 near Palava city. It has become the best ICSE School in Dombivali now.

Phase Two

Infrastructure Projects: To boost property in Palava City

The second phase of Palava was launched in Nov 2013 on the auspicious occasion of Diwali. It was launched with the name ‘The rise’. In Feb 2014, the second phase was officially launched with much fanfare and marketing.

In fact, the second phase was launched with Amitabh Bachchan being the Brand Ambassador. Within one week, there were a massive 600 bookings for the project.

The project was ready to move in March 2014. With regard to the marketing of the project, Superstar Amitabh Bachchan personally handed the keys of Casa Bella and Casa Bella gold to the residents who purchased the flat.

On May 2014, Lodha group officially launched the Casa Paseo in Lakeshore Greens. It is actually the gateway to lakeshore greens. Phase two will be completed by the end of this year. More than 30,000 families are already staying in Palava city.

Timeline of Palava – And, now with lakeshore greens being totally ready to move in, there will be more than 5000 families that will add up to the smart city. Lodha group has also launched high street living near lakeshore greens so you do not have to worry about basic facilities now. The high street living in lakeshore greens was launched in 2014 with the name of ’18th avenue’.

More projects by Lodha

Apart from the above residential projects in different phases, there were more projects started by Lodha Palava. Palava started eco drive buses in June 2013. Lodha ease lease service was started in the year June 2012.

A Golf course in Palava was started in September 2013. After the launch of phase one and two, the possession of flats in Casa Rio and Casa Rio gold started from the year 2014. Around 500 flats were given on a monthly basis.

Development of phase one and two has given a great boost to the western corridor of Mumbai. In fact, Palava has already become the number one smart city in India. The third phase of development with new townships will start soon. It will help to decongest Mumbai to a great extent.

Timeline of Palava – Palava city is the place to stay with a great lifestyle and all the modern amenities. It is also a great place to invest in. So, think about your future today and invest in Palava. There are so many happy families staying in Palava city. Be a part of it today!