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The New Educational Hub – Lodha Palava City

The New Educational Hub – There is nothing that Palava city lacks or lag behind in from its respective competitor cities. With various facilities like housing, healthcare, socializing, Lodha Palava strives to provide the best possible education for the children living in the city. Approximately 25000 plus families are residing in Palava and getting all the amenities and facilities at a walking distance. Why these families chose Palava to live in?

  • For all basic amenities and facilities at a walking distance from every residence
  • For 24X7 water and electricity supply
  • For high-end streets, restaurants, and cafes for socializing
  • For large widespread green landscapes
  • Sports and athletic facilities for residents

Well, Palava has it all and what is it that is missing in the list? Education facilities in the city! Lodha envisions for providing a world-class education system for the children living here. Some of the best schools in the Lodha Palava city include:

  • The Sriram Universal School
  • Lodha World School

Sriram Universal School is a full ledged school catering to students from Nursery to class XII. The school offers world-class The New Educational Hub with ICSE board and qualified faculty and staff.

The New Educational Hub - Sriram Universal School - Lodha Palava City

The focus here is not just to offer textbook education but to encourage all-round development of the student. Things are done differently in the school apart from textbooks which include experimental learning which is hand-on learning. The stimulation rooms where students can learn while experiencing things are an important part of the school.

The alphabets, the numbers, and the tables are made on paths making it sensory paths and learning aids for the young students. The focus is on learning while experiencing in Sriram Universal School which has already given 100% result last year with 96.8% as the highest score. The Sri Ram universal school in Palava is expected to carry the legacy of being progressive, secular, child-centered and committed to providing quality education to all their students.

Lodha World School also believes in hand-on learning and provide state of the art sports infrastructure to its students wherein students can learn and excel in various fields.

Lodha Palava - Lodha World School - The New Educational Hub

The school runs different programs like SUPW wherein students can indulge in extracurricular activities like music, dance, art, painting etc for encouraging overall development of its students.

The under 17 football team of the school secured 1st rank at the district level. With this one of its kind alliance, the residents of Lakeshore Greens in Palava will get an enviable chance to enroll their children into India’s top educational institute and that too located just a short walk away

Children can walk, cycle or opt for an eco bus to the schools which is extremely near to the housing. With time reduced for traveling, the students get more time to learn and excel in their individual talents and skills with a multidisciplinary system of learning in schools.

Palava’s upcoming multidisciplinary university is a testament to the city’s foresight. This institution will be affiliated to international academic titans & will work with the city’s various institutions- such as the center of Arts & Culture and the hospital- to offer the truly immersive learning experience.

With a focus on attracting highly accomplished faculty & ample resources for research, the university aims to create a culture of constant learning & innovation in the region. Over 100 acres have been set aside for this prestigious university. With all these developments Palava certainly is The New Educational Hub of Mumbai.