//Smart Cities the Future of Indian Real Estate
Lodha Palava Smart City the Future of Indian Real Estate

Smart Cities the Future of Indian Real Estate

Lodha Palava Smart City – Earlier the realm was not so progressed that moment it was not like towns, not like the huge skyscrapers, long bridges, expressways and so chic automobiles that era people used carts, cycles, boats and trains for transport. Day by day with the invocation of science the technology came to the business and many more to come by which people generated from zero to everything. Previously mobs don’t use mobile phones at that time they don’t even know that what the phone is actually but after 1876 they came to know that there is a medium by which they can connect with characters by tarrying at their apartment they don’t necessitate to go anywhere. Now in the same way countries are also evolving from village to city and now from cities to smart cities. time changes and also generation changes. Now people want to be safe and ensured at any location and when it comes to their sustenance then they want utmost assurance because after all, it is the area where they will linger with all their belongings and after coming back from a long tiring day they will take the peaceful and carefree sleep that nothing will happen if they close their eyes for sleep.

Palava city is one of the inventions of the renowned engineers and practitioners, the live example of a smart city where everything you will get under one rooftop from apartment to school, shopping mall everything you will get on an area of 4500-acre development which is located in Kalyan Dombivli, Mumbai. which is also India’s first greenfield energetic capital being disclosed and managed by Lodha Group. Palava was envisioned to be amongst the 50 most livable cities in the world by 2025. In just 7 years since its commencement, Palava already gives the villas to over 29,000 households and has become the definite town ‘startup’ in the world’s records. Best from around the world including GE, IBM, Sun Edison, Philips, and many other fields are working together to generate intelligent and sustainable Palava.

Lodha Palava Smart City the Future of Indian Real Estate

Authorized in 1980, clandestinely propped Lodha Group is India’s accompanying real estate developer and amongst the world’s select multinational existing realty developers with publicizing in India and the United Kingdom. The troop is the towering in India by sales for five uninterrupted years, having clocked over INR 8,200 Cr of net transactions for FY 16-17. The company is currently manifesting around 3.6 crore sq. ft. of superior suburban real estate globally with the largest land reserves in the Mumbai Metropolitan Region and has 26 ongoing projects across London, Mumbai Metropolitan Region, Pune, and Hyderabad. In FY 2016-17, Lodha Group delivered over 7,200 units across projects.

It’s a fantasy come existing plan for once if you go there to visit you’ll be captivated by accompanying the world-class features which they afforded.

the field is under wifi controller and there is the digital operation by which a frame can access his/her card for and shopping even for the insertion in the civilization. this world-class convenience is available in five-star lodges that can’t be fabricated in a traditional apartment but it is true in Palava. they are implementing that fashionable technology by which the nation can be as crafty as a computer. For children, there are pumping territory with so many modish technologies by which they can play and learn.

For Palava, the capital developer Lodha Group has a distributorship pact with Maharashtra State Electricity Distribution Co. Ltd for near-uninterrupted voltage accumulation and astral wainscotings horsepower its road lights. It has a tie-up with General Electric Co. (GE) for 100% plentiful water recycling, and motorized water metering and billing to assure glassiness and zero water loss. The city has also tied up with IBM to incorporate its smarter cities technology using advanced, data-driven systems to integrate erudition from all city operations into a single system, to develop profitability and remit an enhanced quality of life for the occupants.

Lodha Palava Smart City the Future of Indian Real Estate

Lodha Group has a tie-up with leading technology consultants to make Palava City a first-of-its-kind Smart City in India. The city will be completed by 2025 and will set a milestone for future smart cities across the globe.

A Smart City is a City which completely runs on Technology that uses data analytics with minimal human intervention for electricity, water, sanitation, traffic, and transport system. A smart city can be either vertical like Singapore or horizontal like Masdar in Abu Dhabi.

Lodha Group has a tie-up with MSEB for a 24/7 electric supply. It has a tie-up with General Electric Co. for uninterrupted water supply, 100% water recycling, automated water metering, and billing to ensure transparency and zero water loss. Lodha Group runs a fleet of CNG buses to nearby stations: Dombivali and Vashi (Navi Mumbai). Lodha World School offers all syllabi from Indian to International.

Lodha Group has set up two numbers 311 customer grievance number and 911 emergency helpline number for citizens. Palava’s Smartness extends with a 500-camera network collecting live data within the city and will extend its smartness with face recognition for entry and panic alarms every 200 meters.

The Group is in talks with leading commercial retailers to set up their commercial spaces in Palava City. Jupiter Hospital is coming up with its own multi-specialty hospital in Palava City.

“The Lodha Group” has also set up Palava City Management Association with cosmopolitan specialists and immigrants as members to bargain with day-to-day issues, as well as a 311 grievance helpline number and 911 emergency helpline number for citizens, and a mobile app. Palava’s bright technology also stretches to 500 examination cameras that capture real-time data and in future will support facial recognition for entry and have panic alarms every 200 meters.

the country which Palava is imagining we hardly deem about it in eternity but technologies updated everything, even a human’s thinking process also.