Lodha world school is functioning in Palava which is only destination were students take admission, but soon Lodha group is brining The Sri ram schools to Palava, The Sri Ram school is in operation since 1988 by opening its first branch in Vasant Kunj Delhi. Soon, School grew in stature. Before moving to Mumbai School use to function in Delhi only with four campuses in Delhi ; School created a name for itself. School is having ICSE syllabus which is highly preferred now days.  The school has 4 campuses in Delhi, it is famous for having large campus areas & good teaching facility. They are promising the same facilities when they will move to Mumbai in their first ever campus.  This school will attract lots of traction in coming years. If they deliver what they are promising it will be a advantage for Palava residents.  It is conveyed by Lodha group that school will start function from next year April & teacher to student ratio will be 1:10 thus will result in proper education. This school will work on same mission as they have done it till now & it is expected that by opening a branch in Mumbai they are trying to have foothold in India.

schools at palava

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