A perfect home is perfect only when it can provide you with all you need. We made sure Riviera never disappoints you. A place that has space in this crowded city, gives you all the luxury in the best prices, also gives you all the amenities to pamper yourself. Spread across 4500 acres, you can always dream big here.

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Riviera doesn’t just provide with the usual facilities, it also gives you residences overlooking a 9-hole golf course. To make life for your children easier, there are 4 top-level international schools in the vicinity that will give them quality education and will also save their time. To relax after school and after a tiring day at work, Riviera has constructed four grand clubhouses that will give enough space to everyone and will help them rejuvenate.


For all the sports-lovers out there, Riviera is here to let you nurture your hobbies. A cricket stadium, a grand FIFA level stadium with personal coaching and multi-sports arena is right next to your house saving your time and giving you liberty to use it. For entertainment purposes and to cater to all your materialistic needs, we have the Xperia Mall in the city with everything in it. From multiplexes to supermarkets and electronics to clothing, you can buy the look of the house in the mall. Smart Card, in association with IBM is the new technology that will be used for smart and cashless living. Riviera allows you to dream big and live big!

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