Railway Connectivity in  Thane

Everyone interested in buying a home prefer to live in a city well-connected by road and railways. Today, Thane is one of the most lucrative options for this very reason and consistently tops the real estate chart for being a rare combination of residential cum industrial hub and having an excellent transit system.

Especially in the past few years, Thane has seen tremendous improvement in terms of city infrastructure and connectivity. Thane enjoys connectivity to Navi Mumbai, Eastern and Western regions of Mumbai through many key roads.

Thane is also connected to Mumbai’s railway network through the Central Harbor Railway line, Thane-Panvel Rail Line as well as the Central Railways that connect Thane to major cities via Mumbai’s railway network.

To further improve connectivity and make this booming city even more accessible to other parts, a metro line has been suggested and is to be constructed in the upcoming years. The Wadala – Ghatkopar – Teen Hath Naka – Kasarwadavli line with a total passageway of 32 kilometers is expected to reduce the commuting distance between Wadala and Thane by half.

The other advantage of this metro line is that it will open up the congested roadways in Thane and make it easier for people to commute more comfortably and possibly in a shorter time than what it usually takes in the peak hours.

With these existing and upcoming infrastructure projects as well as the possibility to choose from a wide range of houses and flats of every budget, Thane is easily one of the best spots to find your dream home while still enjoying beautiful, unpolluted surroundings. Add to it the excellent prospects of property appreciation and there is no reason to look elsewhere – Thane invites people from all walks of life to enjoy an unmatched, high quality of life!




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