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Rail Connectivity

Rail Connectivity

As a Mumbaikar we expect a railway connectivity in any locality we go. Railways are a very important source of connectivity for Mumbaikars. It is one of the cheapest and most convenient ways of transport. More than 50 lakh Mumbaikars use railways on a daily basis for office, school, colleges etc. Mumbai has 3 major suburban railway connection namely western, central and harbor lines. A new line has been put between Vashi-Thane and is called as Trans-Harbor Line. Recently, the Metro line between Versova and Ghatkopar via Andheri has been started. Monorail has been started between Chembur and Wadala. The second line of monorail will be started between Wadala and Jacob Circle, Mahalakshmi by 2020.

In Palava City, we have a rail connection. The nearest station is the Nilje Station. It is very close to Casa Rio Township. It is at a walking distance of 5 minutes from Casa Rio. Nilje Station lies on the Vasai-Diva-Panvel line. Currently, shuttle services run in this line. There are 2 services in the morning and 2 service in the evening. All the construction workers working in Palava City come from this rail route. Lodha Group is expecting a local service in this route by the end of 2018. Once the local train is started it will be a boon to Palava City. It will not only carter to the construction workers but also to other people since there is a Business Hub coming up in Palava City.

Nilje Station is the only station which connects to all three major rail line of Mumbai. It connects to Vasai on the western line, Diva on the central line and Panvel on the Harbor line. Further, Maharashtra Government is also planning to build a growth centre between Nilje and Kalyan City. MMRDA has accepted the plan for growth centre and it will be developed as a business hub which will have state of the art facilities to attract investors. In the coming years, one can expect Nilje to be one of the busiest station in this route.

Dombivali is the next nearest station other than Nilje station.  It is one of  the busiest station in the central line and more than 2 lakh people get on and off board from this station. It is around 20 minutes from Palava City. The third nearest station is the Kopar Kharine in Navi Mumbai. It is also 20 minutes from Palava City. There are public bus services available to these stations on a regular basis. Lodha group has also started its own bus service to all these stations. The bus service of Lodha Group is exclusively available for Palava Residents only.

  1. I feel instead of developing Nilje station If Lodha develop a road to the existing central line Diva Station, which is very near to CB about 3 km. Then the travel time will reduce a lot to go to any where in Mumbai using central line. And it will be very good if the free bus service extend to the Diva station through this road.

  2. Palava City gives one of the biggest investment opportunity:
    We all have been reading, listening and accepting the fact that this new govt is focussing on developing infrastructure. Once infrastructure is developed, prices of property also rises in those areas. Dombivli and in particular Palava region is being developed not only by Govt but also by a well known and prestigious builder of India called Lodha. When we hear this word Lodha, first thing that comes to our mind is quality then name, then economy of scale. Palava is being developed by lodha and surroundings by Govt. That means Dombivli region as a whole is growing at a faster pace than any other parts of Mumbai. Badlapur, Panvel also comes in the list of development but Palava will supercede all other regions of Mumbai in terms of appreciation in property prices. Residential prices in nearby areas like Thane and Navi Mumbai is between 7000 to 14000 depending upon development of that region. Phase 2 of Palava city was launched at a price of Rs 4545/sqft on 11th Nov 2013. Today people are buying flats from Lodha at around Rs 6000/sqft. That means 2 things. Firstly, people have faith in this builder. Secondly there will be further appreciation in this project. Today, Lodha group would have sold approximately 6000 to 7000 apartments in second phase since Nov 2013 and return to the investor is almost 33%. Now you can imagine what will be the price once second phase of the project is completed by 2018 and third phase by 2025 and they would have been selling almost last lot of the planned one lakh flat. People living in that city will not only see appreciation in price but also their confidence and would feel proud of their decision. The way we feel proud of the decision of our parents if they have bought some property in their lifetime, our children will also be proud of us if we have atleast one flat in Palava City.

  3. I ma very much interested in shifting to Pallava, However I need to know when shall local tranis start from Nilje to Thane. Is there anything in the pipeline.
    I can shift in 3-4 months after the suburban line is opened

  4. Lodha is one of the Biggest developers in India. Palava and Casario Gold is is one of the well developed small city. Lodha Group must push Maharashtra Govt. and Indian Govt. to Develop Diva-Panvel railway line. Local train must run on this railway route immediate. Railway station must have every two kilometer on this railway route. All stations (DIVA, DITIVALI, AGASAN, NILAJE, VADAVALI, NARIVALI , NIGHU BAMARLI, TALOJE PANCHANAND, NAVADE ROAD, ROADPALI, KALAMBOLI, KHANDA COLONY ) must develope like Navimumbai railway station.

  5. Any small or big township in Mumbai without direct rail connectivity is meaningless place to stay. therefore, we are hoping that LODHA GROUP must be taking it up with govt for immediate action on connectivity related projects. Also, Govt will have valid reason to consider that as LODHA has developed a big residential place for Mumbaikar to stay around.

  6. I agree with Mr. Rao. Diva is closer then Dombivali. If a good road is developed between Diva station and Palava it would be a great option.

  7. Railway connectivity is needed in nilje
    Because all people have go to Kalyan or dombivili for there nearest station
    It is very difficult for students and aged one.
    Some new trains can be started in this line according to me.

    • definitely railway connectivity is far better option than anything else for Nilje. It has already rail tracks and shuttle service from diva to panvel.
      Once the local is started then most of the transportation problem will be solved.

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