//Lodha Palava City | Self Sustaining Ecosystem
Lodha Palava Prime Square Self Sustaining Ecosystem

Lodha Palava City | Self Sustaining Ecosystem

Lodha Palava Codename Prime SquarePalava city is an urban planned township. It is being developed in three different phases. Every city has its own management system. For Mumbai, it is BMC. But, Lodha has its own management system, unlike other townships. Imagine a self-sustaining ecosystem where everything is easily accessible.

When you complain about a pothole to BMC, do you expect an immediate response? Well, it’s not possible in the city like Mumbai. In Palava city, you don’t have to wait for a response. Everything happens in a day’s time with proper management. Living in such a township is not only blissful but also peaceful.

Palava city management association

Palava City Management Association (PCMA)

Lodha Palava city has its own management system to look after the concerns of Palava citizens. The management system is completely transparent. The management takes care of various issues in the city. From power cuts to the water supply, it takes care of every issue. If you are facing water issues, you can directly complain to the management system. If there is power back up problem, it will get addressed in minutes.

Palava city management system also takes care of the safety concerns of the citizens. You can report road issues or safety issues on special dedicated numbers. Its an amazing experience like no other planned township will give you. Having own management system is also one of a kind. You don’t have to depend on outer authorities for your issues. Every problem gets solved without any stress.

The management also has a special consumer grievance number. The residents of Palava can directly complain regarding any matter to this number. The management is responsible for making new city policies. It takes into account all the suggestions and ideas of the people staying in Palava. Palava city management association also organizes various arts and cultural programs in Palava city.

The smart city concept

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In this digital age, everything is available online. From shopping to paying your bills, online transactions help saves time. As Palava is a smart city, it also has its smart online portal for its residents. A dedicated smart online portal lets you know about various activities and events. Isn’t that great news? Imagine staying at a place that keeps you informed all the time.

The smart portal also updates you regarding various issues of Palava city. You can easily access it online to get additional information. Going further, Palava city also has a smart card. The smart card enables cashless transactions. If you need to buy anything, you can just use your card. The smart card concept is another feature that makes Palava city different from other townships.

It’s risky to carry cash all the time due to safety issues. With a smart card, you can access anything according to your comfort. This helps to enhance the security and saves your time as well. In Palava, everything is planned in a smart way. So make way for smart management and smart features. Buying a flat in Lodha Palava Codename Prime Square is a great bet for sure.

It’s completely eco-friendly

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Palava city is developed as an eco-friendly city. The best part about Palava city is its waste management system. It’s important to treat the waste in a proper way to reuse and recycle. Palava management uses waste to turn it into organic waste. This helps in the generation of biogas and manure. This is reused for other purposes. Not only waste, but even the water is also recycled in Palava city. The recycled water is then used for plants and trees. Taking care of the ecosystem is the need of the hour. Palava city truly believes in ecological balance with active lifestyle features.

The active rainwater harvesting system ensures that water is reused in an optimum way. Rainwater harvesting systems are also effective when there is a shortage of water supply. You will not face any water issues in Palava. It provides complete efficiency in water and power. When you buy a place, water is your main concern, right. Palava gives you complete peace of mind with basic amenities. With so many smart features that are completely eco-friendly, Palava is surely a step ahead.

Solar power to grace Palava

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Palava city will generate almost 10% of electricity from the solar power system. Solar power trend is fast catching up with time. And, it’s important to utilize natural resources for electricity. For the undisrupted power supply, Palava city is doing its bit. The solar power sources will increase with time as different phases of the project will complete. Electricity and water are two main essentials for any township. There is no problem of electricity or power supply in Lodha Palava city. This gives you another reason to buy a flat in Lodha Palava city, Dombivali.

Active involvement of citizens


Don’t you wish to stay in a place where you get involved in every issue or event? Palava city gives you that opportunity to get involved in everyday issues. You can address and redress the issues with your active involvement. When the citizens participate on an active basis, it creates a healthy living environment too. Palava gives you a chance to get involved in the management and functioning of the city. If you stay in society or township, then managing committee looks after the issues. But, Palavaconsiders citizen involvement as the first priority. You can also participate in the management of the township if you buy a flat here.

A self-sustaining ecosystem is a new concept that is introduced by Lodha Palava. Apart from recreational facilities, Lodha Prime Square offers complete freedom to citizens to choose what is right for them. It is peaceful staying at a place with transparent management.

After the two successful phases, the third phase will soon be complete. There are so many features that make Palava city a world-class city. It’s the right time to invest in Lodha Palava Codename Prime Square. Do make a wise choice and invest in your dream home. Lodha Palava is the number one smart city with excellent facilities.