When it comes to holistic living and comprehensive welling, Lodha Palava is your destination.  It is the city of dreams and its residents are happily voicing their reviews about one of the smart cities of India. In fact, as the first integrated Greenfield smart city, it has been developed by the Lodha Group and dexterously managed by the Palava City Management Association.

Palava city is located at the junction of Thane, Navi Mumbai, and Kalyan. It is segregated into different phases where currently over 30,000 families population of more than 60,000 have found a home which has been living for 8 years now since the inception.

The best part of living in a metro city like Palava is the focus on creating greener space. Palava has more than 25% green space which is filled with lush green trees, green pastures, a 9 hole golf course. Even the residents are happy and all praises about the greenery they get here.

Ms. Aparajita, a CASA Rio resident says, “My father was in the army and living in cantonment we had a lot of greenery around. When I moved to Mumbai, we came to know about Palava. And when I came to Palava it’s like more than what I want. Lot of greenery around, nature, lots of butterfly in that area and birds. We usually go to some resort, but we have stopped because Palava is more than a resort.”


The city is fast growing and offers to its residents two ICSE schools, high-quality sports facilities and a 9-hole golf course as mentioned earlier. Among the list, you also get a 5 lac sq. ft. Xperia mall, grand clubhouses, high-quality pedestrian environments, community spaces and more.

In fact, Lodha Group’s Palava City has been ranked as the No.1 emerging city of India by Jones Lang LaSalle’s (JLL) proprietary research report “Livability Quotient – A Paradigm Shift in India’s Emerging Cities”. The report takes into account and “scrutinized the performance of 10 emerging cities/townships for its city administration practices, sustainability, and overall livability quotient.”

Palava city aced in parameters like urban planning, utilities, daily needs, leisure and recreation, smart governance and real estate performance to make to the top of the list as the most livable city in the country.

Here’s why Palava city is considered best both by external ranking agencies and above all its residents:-

Planning – Palavconstruction3a has been designed keeping in mind that the residents get a healthy and fulfilling lifestyle. The city is well planned with a teeming amount of trees that provide clean air and constitute more than 60% of space at Palava. Palava has also adopted a unique 5/10/15 concept. This concept simply means that residents have the convenience to reach the retail store, clubhouse,  bus stops etc. within 5 min walk. The schools and recreation are within 10 min walk and commercial business district within in 15 min.



Utilities – The furnishing of basic utilities make for the primary base of any city. In fact, t


he success of any city lies in the fact that it has the capability of fulfilling the holistic living needs of its residents by delivering uninterrupted daily utilities.


At Palava be assured to get a 24*7 water supply, intercity transportation, education and healthcare facilities, fiber connectivity, asset management systems are one of the many provisions. When it comes to eco-friendly living the city is recycling 100% of its wastewater through sewage treatment plant. It is also involved in building a 15-acre solar farm.


swimming poolLeisure & Recreation – After the basics have been furnished, next the city aces is increasing the recreational quotient of Palava. For this, it provides a 5 lakh sq. ft. Xperia mall, 9-hole golf course, FIFA approved football field, Grand clubho


uses, a 1.3 km long riverside promenade.


To top the list is an open-air style amphitheater where the city hosts regular cultural events. To add to this list you will also find a 6 acre landscaped Park around the city which has a natural lake, greenery, birds, butterflies etc along with a Nature Interpretation Centre.

Palava City Management AssociationSmart Governance – Palava follows a unique C.C.T.V model where the C.C.T.V. means for Citizens, Community, Technology, and Vision. The institute participates in citizenship and efficient city management practices. Palava has a private municipal and resident councils that work efficiently o manage the city.

Palava also has a city command center called Palava Portal. Along with this, there’s Palava smart card facility to further add efficiency. Together these two facilities are responsible for a quick centralized monitoring and analytics in case of 911 Emergency.  This also helps Palava to maintain a real-time monitoring which helps in ensuring safety & security of the citizens and also looking after the 311 emergency management systems.

Lodha Group Have Now Launched The Aquaville Series

Palava waterfron amaneities inspired from international cities

After the grand success of Palava’s Phase 1, Lodha Palava city now brings the Aquaville series, a world-class waterfront residency inspired by waterfronts in Chicago, Dubai, and Singapore.


The Palava Aquaville series is nestled at a short walk from Palava Waterfront. The waterfront is situated on an expansive 2.5km promenade. It has children’s play area, outdoor exercise arena, water play zone, large greens for relaxation and sports, wide pathways for cycling and jogging and a forest area huddled with numerous trees giving a thick green cover.


The launch of Aquaville series Residence brings to India the unique concept of smart neighborhood. Here you will have access to two world-class schools, a grand clubhouse, high-street retail and Jain temple. All of these facilities are at a walking distance from your home.

The infrastructure of residences is world class and premier with air-conditioned 1 BHK, 2 BHK and 3 BHK homes. Space has been utilized to its maximum with luxury finishes and beautiful garden or tree-lined street views. You can now own your dream home here at Aquaville series at best rate, low EMI and never before interest rates. Get the latest update here a d check for all new things happening in this fastest growing city’s in India


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