//A City That is Always Buzzing With Excitement
Palava Prime Square - Festival Celebrations at Lodha Palava City

A City That is Always Buzzing With Excitement

Lodha Palava Prime Square – Spread across 4500 acres of land, Lodha Palava is a fun city to live in. Now, the question is why it’s fun? Normally you would stay at a place that is surrounded by a garden, gym or swimming pool. These are just basic recreational activities. But, Lodha Palava offers you a lifestyle full of fun activities.

A smart city that offers so many activities and workshops that you would never get bored. Lodha Palava in Dombivali is always buzzing with such activities. You won’t get jaded because you will have so much to do. Living in such kind of a place will surely get you excited.

Arts and cultural programs in Palava

Palava Prime Square - A City That is Always Buzzing With Excitement

The beauty of arts is to explore it in its full glory. In this hectic lifestyle, people hardly get time to relax. So, it’s impossible to cherish art and culture. Lodha Palava has changed this concept. It not only organizes various cultural programs but also encourages different art forms. Palava brings to you modern facilities along with traditional cultural roots. Palava city organizes cultural fests throughout the year. You can also participate in these fests as a citizen of Palava city. Palava city offers a range of extra activities and workshops.

You can learn photography, Dance, Rangoli, Aero modeling, and lantern making. There are separate workshops organized for photography and Bhagwat Geeta. You can also attend workshops by Shiamak Davar if you love dancing. Lantern making will surely interest you as you can use it in Diwali. A Rangoli contest is also held during Diwali.

Best Rangoli wins a prize and that truly is a motivation for creating art. There are book-reading workshops in Palava for all the book lovers. Local and international art forms always attract people. It’s the best bet to invest in Lodha Palava Codename Prime Square to experience the best.

Festivals of Palava

Palava Prime Square - A City That is Always Buzzing With Excitement

Tarang is an annual cultural event that is organized every year for people of Palava. You can not only participate but also have a great time motivating the participants. Many renowned artists and performers come to perform at Tarang. Over the years, the festival has become popular.

People of Palava get to witness days of music and fun with this festival. Imagine, you would forget your stress during this time and that is just great. You will surely enjoy being a part of Tarang if you come and stay at Lodha Palava.

Experience the spirit of Palava carnival in its sheer magic. Carnival is famous in Brazil. In fact, people from all over the world visit the place to experience the magic of the carnival. But, what if you get the same experience in Palava city.

Palava carnival is organized in the same spirit and vibrancy. Looking at the grandeur, you will surely fall in love with the spirit. Lodha Palava’s carnival experience is surely one of a kind. It will make you feel awesome and lift up your spirit. Your weekends and holidays can never be boring in Lodha Palava Codename Prime Square.

Malls and shopping experience

Lodha Prime Square - India’s largest mall

Who does not wish to shop on weekends? For some people, shopping is like a therapeutic experience. Recently Lodha Palava city opened Xperia mall for people of Palava. The mall has a range of products’ and brands. If you get all the branded stuff under one roof, it will save you time. If you are brand conscious, then you can shop at this amazing mall. It’s a perfect place to hang out with your family on weekends.

You can shop from the H & M store, which is quite popular as a clothing brand. The mall has opened the Hamleys flagship store, which is an ideal place for your children. Children just love Hamleys. It also has PVR so you can watch movies with your family on weekends. There is no chance of getting bored if you come and stay at Lodha Palava. Every day is a fun ride and the weekends are very special. There are many other retail stores near Lodha Palava, so it is indeed perfect for your shopping.

Recreation at its best

There is no dearth of recreational facilities near Lodha Palava Codename Prime Square. You can stay fit by going to a gym or simply playing cricket in a cricket stadium. You can do yoga in the yoga zone or swim for hours. There is so much to do in Lodha Palava city. Lodha Palava city also has a huge clubhouse that has added features.

If you bored, you can watch a movie in the private movie theater. You heard that right. There is a private movie theater in the clubhouse where you can relax and unwind watching your favorite flick. Isn’t this so much fun?

Coming up attractions that can get you excited

Lodha Palava has planned another 20-acre mall with all the international brands. So, the shopaholic in you will be happy for sure. The planning is in the process and it will be completed after the third phase. Having so many malls around your home can be fun. The waterfront area of Lodha Palava is simply amazing. You can have a great time with your family here.

Lodha Palava has planned a grand plaza in this area. You can expect food trucks near the waterfront for your weekend binge. Spending time with family and having good food sounds so good.

Lodha Palava is also planning different art installations that will depict the spirit of the city. As Palava city is completely eco-friendly, this will be on the same concept. Expect many good things in the future for sure.

Lodha Palava City in Dombivali is a planned city. Expect a luxury lifestyle with a host of features your way. You won’t ever get bored with all the amazing buzzing activities that Palava offers.

In fact, all these activities will help to reduce your stress in life. A stress-free life is what everyone needs. Lodha Palava offers every facility to give you that solace in life. It’s time you take that decision and buy a flat in Lodha Palava city.