Palava is a sister city of Mumbai. The city is equipped with all the modern amenities & facilities. The city is considered as a one of the first smart city in the India. Palava is spread across 4500 acres of land parcel. At present city is already home to approx 25000 happy families. Till now city construction is carried out in two phases. In phase I approx 250 acres of land parcel was developed & in phase II approx 800 acres of land parcel is being developed. The next chapter in Palava is coming in this phase only.

As per the market guru this development is only a tip of ice berg . According to them, Palava at the present moment is only 5% developed of its total capacity. So, it is expected that there is a large scope of development.

Palava next chapter will be focussing  on lake shore greens area.  This time around its is expected that new inventories will be introduced , more relaxation in payment schedule is expected along with variants in date of possession.

After witnessing the high number of selling in first quarter the real estate market is on the verge of revamping.

The details of next chapter will be disclosed and as soon as we will get to know about the same we will inform you .

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