Palava mega city will be home to thousands of residents & with this busy schedule people hardly gets time to rectify their home services. But, this problem will also be rectified by Palava offering a service of “Palava Local”. This service will cater all the basic needs of home like plumbing issues, electricity issues, cleaning, dusting, pest control etc.

Palava local is in its early stage & hence it is not fully functional but soon there will be the whole set of new services which will be open for customer use in upcoming months. Thus, now people don’t need to wait for the plumber & serviceman, now they can avail this service at their doorstep.

This service will be executed by the best in the business thus creating a trust among the customer & service provider. This service will be exclusive to Palava residents thus it will boost the standard of living in this smart city. The amount of services provided by Palava to its residents is slowly but growing its reach.

With this growth rate, it is expected that soon Palava will be dream city for every aspirant. A city with so much to offer to its residents is proving its metal.



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