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Palava Life

Palava Life – an energetic, dynamic, zestful and vibrant 21st-century city in India. Palava Life can be compared to a fairy tale. A fairy tale which has loads of adventure, suspense, romance and obviously a happy ending towards the end.

The Prince gets up in the morning in his palace which is a 3 BHK luxury semi furnished flat. Takes up his morning cup of coffee to the private deck overlooking the Golf course – the only 9 hole Golf Course in Mumbai. The majestic clubhouse in each cluster trains the Prince to his extreme. It is the place where he learns to fight any war of life. The exclusive jogging track of Central Park makes him exhausted to the core. Upon coming home, the prince baths in his bathroom which are fitted with luxurious bathroom fittings. The Prince whispers a fond adieu to his princess and leaves to practice his weapon at the 100 acre Central Business District (CBD) in Palava. The Princess prepares food for the entire family at the modern day modular kitchen with utmost ease. Buying groceries is the easiest part of Palava city. One can buy groceries in Palava with the smart card provided to each resident.

The prince takes his princess to the Lakeside Plaza in the evening. The lakeside is spread across 50 acres which are an artificial lake created by Lodha Group. The Lake will have water sports and other activities. The Prince has a little junior studying at Lodha World School which creates Leaders of Tomorrow. There is ample space for this little junior to play in Palava. Lodha Group has kept aside 60% of the city space open for young toddlers to play around. The 100 acre Central Park will have a dedicated child’s play area and nana-Nani park.

Like this Palava will create a fairy tale every day within its vicinity. The story of Palava has just started and there is a long way to go. The first phase of Palava Life is completed but still, Phase 2 and 3 are to be completed. Phase 2 will be completed by 2018 and Phase 3 will be by 2025. The entire city will be completed by then. There will be more than 1 lack residential family in Palava city. Hence, we can expect around 1 lack fairy tale from 2025.

Call us on 07575066061 to know more stories about Palava city. You can call us for a site visit and book a flat as well.


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