//Palava Lakeshore Greens -The Trending Project
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Palava Lakeshore Greens -The Trending Project

For any dream home seeker with an urban lifestyle, Lodha Palava Lakeshore Greens is a dream residential complex in Palava city. Fully air-conditioned 1, 2 and 3 BHK apartments are intricately designed by high-end architects with private sundeck to offer a spectacular surrounding view.  It allows you to unwind in the most urban city while sipping your coffee and gazing the sunset.

The floor plan of Lodha Palava Lakeshore Greens are designed intelligently, the apartments are well-ventilated and adorned with exquisite European décor that has no match. With fully-fledged BHK flat, additional puja room and spacious utility room and storeroom are something to take note of in Palava Lakeshore Greens.

You must have heard most of the real estate developers boasting about their respective projects and claiming them as one of the best. Well, we believe in ‘no talk all action,’ and this you can make out from things we have to offer which makes Lakeshore Greens- the trending project.

See what we have to offer!!
Fully loaded indoor amenities

indoor Game - Lodha Palava Lakeshore Greens - The Trending projects

Why Palava Lakeshore Greens is the trendy project in the market as of now? Palava city is a luxury paradise fully loaded with all the modern and high tech indoor amenities like fully air-conditioned apartments, homes come with grand double-height terraces, premium bath fitments, and separate pooja, utility, and storerooms.
AC homes with world-class finishes and great views

  • Air-conditioning in all bedrooms
  • MarbItal flooring in living/dining and passage area
  • Wooden flooring in the bedroom
  • Isenberg/Jaquar bath fitments and Kohler sanitary ware
  • The lobby in the living room
  • Optimally planned homes with separate pooja, utility and store rooms#
  • Homes with garden, tree-lined street or lake views
  • Multi-tier security system

All these world-class finishes of Palava homes makes them extremely exquisite and state of the art residences with unmatchable urban lifestyle.

Perfect Location and Proximity
Lodha Palava Lakeshore Greens is conveniently located at the economic triangle of Navi Mumbai, Kalyan, and Thane. Its high-end location and RERA certification make it a perfect residential area in the suburbs of Mumbai. Effortless connectivity to all modes of public transport and several prominent areas of Mumbai make it the next metropolis in the Mumbai.

Eco-Friendly City

Eco-Friendly City - Lodha Palava Lakeshore Greens

While most of the Maharashtra state is suffocating with increasing population, pollution, water and electricity scarcity, Palava Lakeshore Greens has been envisioned to become the sustainable city.  By 2015, Palava city envisions to be amongst the 50 most livable places in the world.

The Lodha Palava city has been designed considering the environmental impact to ensure that with its high density, walkable roads, use of public transport, significant recycling and sufficient amount of landscaping, it has the lowest levels of carbon emission globally.

Palava has been carefully planned to incorporate the essential principles of eco-friendly liveability.

Significant Landscapes and natural landmarks

A Global Economic Driver -Lodha Palava Lakeshore Greens

Palava city’s lush green landscape has been kept intact to strike a work-life balance in the people living here. To preserve the indigenous flora and create a balance of all strata’s of vegetation that contributes to the diversity of the aesthetics of the city, the city has designed its landscapes accordingly. Besides, it has been the Lodha Group’s utmost practice to build its cities without disrupting its natural surroundings.

Significantly, Lakeshore Greens has also been built keeping this in mind and there has been no cutting of the rock strata nor is there any interference with the natural gradient.

The topography of the city’s green spaces focuses on environmental improvement and enhancement of natural resources such as bettering the topsoil quality, preserving existing trees and valuing the natural river, lake, and swale that form natural landmarks along with the grasslands and rocky outcrops.

World-class outdoor amenities

World-Class Amenities -Lodha Palava Lakeshore Greens - The Trending Project

Well, when we talk about the outdoor amenities in Lakeshore Greens, the list is unending. However, a brief introduction to all the facilities presents within the city would take a few seconds to read on. Some of the most desirable outdoor amenities include:

Grand Club House– Certainly, the clubhouse that has been built is grand and contains a swimming pool, well-equipped gymnasium, and an amphitheater. The clubhouse has been designed specifically to help its residents get rid of everyday life stresses. Besides, in a world-class gym, the residents can indulge in exercise and can lead to a healthy lifestyle.

The major attraction of the clubhouse is its amphitheater for 100 people wherein the residents can host cultural activities and indulge in such activities. 

Sports: With a huge Olympic Sports Complex with an Olympic sized swimming pool, courts for squash, badminton, tennis and other such sports, the ardent sports fan can play what they want. For athletes, a 400-meter running track is the icing on the cake. Sport is a healthy way of life which we propagate in our city.

Retail High Street– Who doesn’t love to shop and socialize a little. With high-end retail stores, Malls and fine dining restaurants, you can have some fun with families and friends and even get to know the other city mates.

Schools- Here your child learns from the best schools – Lodha World School & India’s leading school – The Shri Ram Universal School, your child will get a level up exposure which he may lack otherwise. Besides, the schools are at walking distance from the residential area so the chaos of dropping and picking your child just won’t bother you in Palava Lakeshore Greens. 

World-Class Medical Facilities: With three multi-specialty hospitals within the city, living here becomes even more desirable. No running around and getting stuck in traffic jams to reach hospitals in emergencies. By sustainable, we mean what we claim.

Affordable Homes

Affordable Homes - Lodha Palava Lakeshore Greens - The Trending Project

In today’s times, when real estate prices are skyrocketing, Lodha Palava Dombivali offers you the great living at affordable and reasonable prices within the financial capital of the country. However, with all the amenities and facilities at your doorstep, money should not be the bar but you don’t have to bother about it whatsoever. Here’s the price range for you to consider:

1 BHK     441 sqft – 500 sqft (Carpet Area)              ₹ 41 Lac – ₹ 45 Lac

2 BHK     557 sqft – 738 sqft (Carpet Area)               ₹ 56 Lac – ₹ 66 Lac

3 BHK      889 sqft – 1069 sqft (Carpet Area)             ₹ 82 Lac – ₹ 98 Lac

Presence of reputed schools, world-class medical facilities, popular shopping malls, and swanky restaurants and affordable prices make this area perfect for settlement with your family

So, walk in and book a flat now in Lodha Palava Lakeshore Greens Dombivli East, Thane.