//Palava Lakeshore Greens Provides Best Infrastructure & World-Class Amenities
Palava Lakeshore Greens Provides Best Infrastructure & World-Class Amenities

Palava Lakeshore Greens Provides Best Infrastructure & World-Class Amenities

Lakeshore Greens – When Palava claims itself as a space for life, learn, work and play, it fulfills all that it claims. Lodha Palava city has already been ranked India’s no.1 smart city for its progressive ecosystem.

An altogether new city is in the run to become one of the most livable cities in India. Palava offers a family-friendly enclave where vast open and green spaces, world-class education and sports facilities, walk-to-work opportunities, cultural avenues, and modern homes are no longer dreams.

With already a population of 1 lakh residents, Palava offers the myriad of opportunities in terms of amenities at just a walking distance from home. With possibly some of the best amenities, Lodha Palava Dombivali is one of the best modern cities to live in.

Neighborhood alongside the waterfront offers one of the best living locations in the city. Lush green parks with long walks past pleasant bodies are something to look forward to when you live in his neighborhood. Besides such wonderful living area, the amenities you get here are unbelievably modern, up close and exceptional.

24×7 Electricity and Water Supply

Palava Lakeshore Greens  - 24x7 Electricity and water Supply

24×7 electricity and water supply for the majority of the population of India is like a dream only. However, here in Lodha Palava city dreams come true and we believe in fulfilling every dream possible.

With a population of more than 1.3 billion, load shedding in many parts of India is common. Maharashtra alone has a population of more than 2 billion and Kalyan-Dombivali has a population of 11 lakh and faces a lot of load shedding.

This growing consumption of electricity and water in India is making it scarce in the majority of cities, especially during the dry season. The scarcity created much hazel to the people living in those areas.

Lodha Palava Dombivali city has made a bond with Maharashtra State Electricity Board to provide 24×7 electricity for the next 25 years. Similarly, Lodha Palava group has signed a bond with Municipal Corporation of Greater Mumbai for water supply.

This has made 24×7 water and electricity supply in Palava city. This agreement with the State Government will help Lodha Group in transforming Palava City into a world-class megacity. The constant effort by Lodha Group will transform it into one of the most livable city by 2025.

Multi-Specialty Clinics

Lodha Palava Codename Prime Square - Multi Specialty Clinics

Lodha Palava Lakeshore Greens believes in keeping its residents as healthy as possible by providing the best health care facilities. By partnering with Healthspring, India’s leading experts in family healthcare, Palava has set up a milestone in healthcare.

Inaugurated in June this year, the Healthspring clinic at Palava presently houses a physician and nurse and an on-call physiotherapist; it also provides pathology services and X-ray facilities.

It will shortly have an ENT specialist, gynecologist, orthopedic, dentist, and pediatrician, and provide sonography, MRI and other medical services. The clinic will host regular health camps to measure body mass index, daily calorie intake, and other parameters, and advise adequate measures to maintain a healthy lifestyle. 

Rain Water Harvesting

Water Harvesting Champion- Lodha Palava Lakeshore Greens

Excellent rainwater harvesting system to conserve rainwater and store it for the purpose of supplying it to the city has been installed by Lodha Palava. Lodha Palava cares for its residents and it does it by supplying water 24×7 to all its residents by conserving water with its rainwater harvesting system.

Steady water supply to the city is promised and is being done responsibly by implementing rainwater harvesting measures and water reuse. Palava city has partnered with companies like General Electric to reuse 100 percent of wastewater for landscaping, cooling, and other non-potable activities.

Palava City Management Association (PCMA)

A Global Economic Driver - Palava Lakeshore Greens - Palava City Management Association (PCMA)

Lodha believes in transparency when it comes to residents’ welfare. For which Lodha group has created a Palava City Management Association (PCMA) for people of Palava city. The association has been made to take care of all the policies of the smart city.

Palava city management association looks after power backup, street lights, safety of people, bus services, water management system and maintaining the roads within the city. This management system has been made in order to greatly benefit the people staying in Palava city.

In case of any complaints, the association is responsible for solving at the earliest possible. Also, there is a consumer grievance number that has been started to address any customer grievance.

Art and Culture Centre and Sport Club

Palava Prime Square - A City That is Always Buzzing With Excitement

An art and culture center has been made in Lakeshore Greens Palava city to benefit people who have a keen interest in the art and culture. Apart from that, a huge sports complex has been built inside the city for the ardent sports fan or those who love to indulge in any kind of sports.

Different sports arenas like the cricket stadium, tennis court, and a huge golf course. Indulging in sports activities of your choice help you relax, and get rid of daily stress- mental or physical.

City Club

Lodha Palava Prime Square That Has It All

Lodha Palava Dombivali has it all when it comes to amenities. The City Club in the residential complex is made for you to relax, rejuvenate, and reenergize. The club is designed for its residents to unwind and bid adieu to their everyday stresses of life.

The city club has all the provisions for its residents to indulge in activities that make them happy and stressfree. Palava provides you with a world-class city club to pamper you and your interests to the fullest!

A Spa to relax in, a pool for you and your family to take the cool dip in, a large party hall to celebrate grandly, a restaurant to chat over food, library to feed the hungry bibliophile, fitness arena to pump up and other indoor games will make you never leave the club. Around the clubhouse, there is space for the elderly, the kids, green scaping and jogger’s track.

Well, if that’s is not enough outdoor amenities like sports ventures for tennis, badminton, cricket and with a cricket ground, Olympic standard football ground, an athletic track, and a swimming pool awaits you here at Palava.  

From children to youth to elderly, Lodha Palava Lakeshore Greens understands its residents and hence designs their complex with every possible amenity to make you happy. If you are looking for a place to dwell away from the city chaos with every possible amenity, Lodha Palava is your destination.