Welcome to the Palava  Lakeshore Greens the smart city that is all set to become India’s next metropolis! Palava City
has already made it in the news for all the right reasons – buying an apartment here not
only offers you a luxurious home, but so much more. Luxury, security, green
surroundings, safety, convenience and quality of life are all at an affordable price.
Palava Lakeshore Greens is the newest phase being developed in Palava City. Apart from all the
reasons that have been mentioned, there is one other advantage too. Lakeshore Greens
will soon develop into a business district opening up more and better job and business
opportunities in the immediate neighbourhood.
Palava City’s strategic location is a major plus – located in the economic triangle of Navi
Mumbai, Thane and Kalyan, the connectivity and ease of travel to major business hubs
offers a major advantage. In fact, even during the initial planning phase, the Lodha
Group had ambitious plans for Palava. The idea was, from inception, to develop the
smart city into the ideal habitat for nurturing a talent pool and explore untapped
With outstanding connectivity and a streamlined single-window applications system in
place, a modern business district is now being developed. Economic activity and growth
here will be encouraged in three phases.
The first phase will be dedicated exclusively to focus on sectors with high growth
potential such as IT and ITES companies. Additionally, financial institutions, trading,
and establishment of medium and small enterprises will also be emphasized. In the next
phase, growth will be encouraged in a wider range of fields including hospitality, retail,
tourism, education, food, legal, transport and facility management. In the final phase,
attention will be laid on research and development. To enable this, colleges and
universities with world class standards will operate successfully within the city. Here,
talents will be nurtured and an environment of innovation and creativity will be
fostered. This, in turn, will result in opportunities in varied fields such as biotechnology,
architecture, design and biotechnology.
According to the estimate, by 2025, more than 130,000 job opportunities will be opened
up for talented freshers and professionals. But this is not all – this three phase venture
will also result in many indirect jobs. This ambitious young city will not only be India’s
first smart city – it will also be the fastest-growing one in the world.
In accordance with the plan, a business district will shortly be opened up in Lakeshore
Greens by 2018. This will mark an important step towards the realization of the big
economic dream. When this district is opened, it will pave way for jobs and the
possibility of walking to work instead of long commutes. Even if you plan to rent your
apartment, you will be able to do so at a good price, given its proximity to companies.
HDFC Bank has already signed up to be a part of this business district – soon, there will

be many other top companies that will emerge here. As Lakeshore Greens develops into
a thriving business district, growth and prosperity will follow!

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