//Palava’s Infrastructure Counters Climate Change
Palava Infrastructure Project

Palava’s Infrastructure Counters Climate Change

Palava Infrastructure Project Counters Climate Change – Who would not wish to stay in a smart city that is pollution-free? Lodha Palava is not only the number one smart city today but also pollution-free. Global warming is a serious issue today. Most people are doing their bit to keep the planet green. Palava city has more than 60% of open spaces.

With green spaces all around, it will leave an impact on the climate for sure. Mumbai is a concrete city now, but Lodha Palava with its open space development is changing the concept of green living. With world-class amenities, integrated connectivity and green spaces, Lodha have countering climate change.

Air pollution levels are low

Air pollution is a major issue in cities today. But, Lodha Palava City believes in the concept of green living. Palava city offers so many ecological features that are good for the environment. Proper waste disposal management and water recycling system are some of the main features. Lodha Palava also offers a healthy pollution-free environment.

There is ventilation in each flat of Lodha city in the two phases. So many trees around the township provide a pollution-free environment. With a pollution-free environment, people of the city will remain healthy.

Best air quality

Palava Best Air Quality

Palava Infrastructure Project has the best air quality as compared to cities like Mumbai and Delhi. Palava city has Palava city center and Lakeside Park. The nature park lets you breathe pollution-free air. You can relax and stay stress-free in a green environment. Living green is not a choice anymore; it is a need of the hour. Pollution is affecting so many people in cities causing harm to their health.

Lodha Palava is changing the concept of green living. This will not only benefit people who come and stay in Palava city. It will also affect the climate for sure.

Eco-friendly buses in Palava

Lodha Palava city is a smart city so the development also works on the smart concept. From security to amenities, everything in Lodha Palava is based on smart technology. This will benefit people who come and stay at Lodha Palava. Lodha has introduced eco-friendly buses for the people of Palava city. The buses ply between Palava city to nearby stations like Thane and Dombivali.

The eco buses run on CNG and that is again great for the environment. The buses run at a frequency of every 15 minutes, which will benefit residents of Palava city. Lodha is also planning eco-friendly buses till Borivali and Dadar in near future.

Go green initiative by Lodha

Lodha believes in the concept of a green environment. Following which Lodha has now collaborated with Big Basket to deliver more than 8000 saplings across Mumbai. Under this Go green concept, one sapling will be delivered with every order placed at the Big basket. The idea behind the concept of Go green is to decrease pollution levels.

The prime focus will be to revive the green belt of the city that is being affected by pollution. Increasing air pollution is not only affecting the health of people. It is also affecting the environment causing severe climate changes.

Focus on a green project

Lodha Group Recent Developments in Palava City

Palava city has its focus on environmental sustainability. The residents of Palava are also doing their bit for Palava. Today, there are more than 20,000 trees in and around Palava city. And, 5000 trees are planted by the residents of Palava city. The focus of Palava is to minimize environmental concerns. This will not only help to provide clean air but also take care of greenery all around. Palava has healthy air as compared to smart cities because of this green initiative.

In the course of future

The planning of Go green is not limited to a particular time. Palava city aims to continue this for the future as well. Palava is planning to add another 2.5 lac trees and green cover around the city. It is also planning to expand various sustainability benefits to the residents of the city.

The focus will be on solar energy generation, water treatment and usage, waste disposal management and other important environmental initiatives. By 2025, Palava will become a smart city that will be pollution-free. With a green living concept, it’s a wise choice to stay in Palava. You can also plan investment in Palava for getting great appraisal value for your flat.

Close to the environment

The best part about Palava is its development in phases. The infrastructure around the Palava city is great. The connectivity of Lodha Palava is also one reason to stay at this place. It is well connected to Navi Mumbai, Thane, and Dombivali. Palava city is a township that is close to nature. Once you enter the place, you will find open spaces and green covers all over.

That will provide you with a stress-free lifestyle. Most residents of Palava city prefer to stay outdoors rather than indoors because of its green cover and spaces.

More about efforts to counter climate change

Palava Infrastructure Project Counters Climate Change – Lodha Palava processes all the waste to convert it into fertilizer or soil improver. This compost is given to residents of Palava city so that they can use it for planting purpose. This also benefits the city plantation around Palava. A biogas plant is also set up near the city. It helps to convert solid waste into electricity. The water bodies are treated from the sewage plant and that again benefits the people staying in Palava city. Palava also has a rainwater harvesting plant.

Palava city aims to recycle and reuse every possible resource. This help to maintain a healthy environment that also takes care of the ecosystem. Lodha Palava is a smart city with future developments and eco-planning.

In fact, recently Lodha Palava was ranked as number one smart city of India. With integrated township and best infra projects, it is a great time to invest in Lodha Palava. The city is free of pollution and it has green spaces. It should be your ideal choice for stress-free living.