Investing into real estate for end use or investment purpose is trending in the country. Realtors and home buyers vouch on the consistent and humungous ROI. And we often come across these dilemmas of people whether  a particular opportunity is good for investing or not. The answer to this encroaching question lies in a simple answer to a rather easy question which is ‘Whether the opportunity or the establishment is good for the end user or not?’

Is it that simple as stated above? Yes, in a way it is. Two classes of people buy homes in new facilities which is as the topic suggests, end users and investors. Talking specifically about Palava, is it a safe haven to invest into? Or consider it for end use?


From an end user perspective, Palava, a Smart city exactitude, is the destination of the future or rather planned living in India. The maintenance, governance, development, facilitation etc. everything is well planned and organized so as to ensure a peaceful and happy living. The facilities on offer are unprecedented, the upgraded lifestyle opportunity for your family, world class schools, auditorium, malls and exquisite home. All this in a well planned setting would only add up to the comfort and usefulness level.

On the other end, from the investor’s perspective, the prices are just right or maybe favorable still as the facility is under development. A lot of planned futures are yet to attain whole functioning. When compared to thye neighboring areas, Palava has been successfully garnering 16.7% more returns. It is an investor’s haven!

Thus all in all, the facility is the start of newer, better things to come and stay for the future. The timing conducive, the opportunity apt, and the baton in your hands. Trying your hands at this opportunity is an assured viable prospect.

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