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Singapore Skyline, palava city, lodha palava

Singapore Skyline

Singapore: A sovereign city-state and island country in Southeast Asia. Singapore came into existence in 1965 from Malaysian Territory by a unanimous vote. Singapore has developed in leaps and bounds since then. Singapore is one of the countries where there is low vehicular density. In this country people are encouraged to take public transports instead of private one. Singapore is a city with low vehicle ownership rate, a city with smart MRT and LRT metro system, a city with world class water management system and a city with a comprehensive and inexpensive public transportation system. Moreover, Singapore has the lowest pollution in the world.

Palava: A sprawling city nearby Mumbai. Palava gets its inspiration from Singapore for its Prudence. Palava believes in reducing vehicular density on roads and increasing walkablility of citizens. Every inch of Palava has been designed so that its citizens can reach by walking. This makes that all city level amenities like University, Lakefront Plaza, Central Park, etc. are just walk able distance from the resident’s home. Palava will make walk to work a reality in India. In this manner, Palava will become one of the first cities in India to have least pollution.

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