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Palava: Dream or Real

Palava: Dream or Real

Palava City a 4000 acre grand city developed by Lodha Group. A future smart and megacity of India. But will Palava City live up to its expectations. Considering the fact some of the projects are delayed by a year now. Casa Rio is being handed over for some time now. However, the amenities promised to the investors are completed and functional.

Palava City will have a total inventory of 1 lack flats and will have a total population of 5 lack residents once completed. The city is being developed in a phased manner. Every year Lodha Group opens a new sector for booking and it expects to complete the entire city by 2025.

Some of the reasons for the delay of projects are:

  • Problem in sand acquisition
  • Less workers at work site
  • Less contractors to tender the work

Now one can expect the projects are delivered at time. The project is live and will be competed within the stipulated time given by the developer. The project will fulfill our yearning for a clean and beautiful city.

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