//Palava City Management Association (PCMA)
Palava City Management Association (PCMA)

Palava City Management Association (PCMA)

Palava City Management AssociationLodha Palava City has become the number one futuristic city of India. The development of the township has given a boost to the western corridor of Mumbai. There are so many infra projects that are coming up around Palava city and it will only benefit people who come and stay at Palava. Need for open spaces and places have already compelled many people to stay on the outskirts of Mumbai like Thane and Navi Mumbai.

Palava will also majorly help to decongest the space problem in Mumbai. Palava city by Lodha has all the modern amenities and facilities. Being a smart city, it is also well equipped with technology.

Palava city is being developed with IBM technology, which only means it will be well equipped with smart technology. The highlight of the project is open spaces. Palava city will have more than 60% open space and that is the highest for any smart city in the world. This will give a respite to people who want to stay in open spaces. Palava city is also implementing a walk to work culture. This concept is truly great as it will not only help to save travel time but also give you some extra time that you can spend with your family.

There is a central business district being developed near Palava that will give a great boost to the city. So many companies will open their offices and headquarters in this central business district. If you purchase a flat in Palava city, you do not have to worry about traveling to a faraway place for work.

There will be so many job openings in this commercial hub, that you will get the job of your dream. The walk to work culture is actually very popular in New York, Paris, London, and Boston. With this concept, many people will directly benefit. So, it’s a great feeling to work where you actually stay.

More about Palava City Management Association(PCMA)

Lodha group has created a complete management system called as Palava City Management Association (PCMA) for people of Palava city. This association will take care of all the issues and problems related to Palava city. This association will have maximum residents who stay in the Palava city. The complete system will be transparent and will take care of all the policies of the smart city.

Palava city management association will be the sole authority looking after power backup, streetlights, safety of people, bus services, water management system and maintaining the roads within the city. This management system will greatly benefit the people staying in Palava city. With regard to complain about the issue, the management will not only address the issue but will also solve it.

There is a consumer grievance number too that is started by the management. The residents of Palava city can directly call up the customer grievance number and complain about issues that are causing problems. Residents of Palava city can directly complain regarding the above issues to the management system. This is one of a kind management system that is created in any smart city for the benefit of people.

Palava city management system has the responsibility of making new city policies with the agreement of residents. It will also help to provide other high-quality services once the second phase of Palava is complete. PCMA is also planning to implement various art and cultural activities for the people of Palava city. This is surely a great way to lead a stress-free life.

In fact, there will be an art and culture center in Lakeshore greens in phase two of Lodha Palava city. This will surely benefit people who have a keen interest in art and culture.

Apart from this, PCMA will also conduct various sports tournaments and activities within Palava city. If you love playing sports or you are an ardent sports fan, this is great news for you. Buying a flat in Palava will bring out the best sportsperson in you. Many sports activities will be conducted within the complex, as there are so many sports arenas like the cricket stadium, tennis court and a huge golf course too. Staying at a place where you can do so much is the best thing in today’s stressful time.

It’s the first in India

Delay in infra projects - Lodha Palava City

In Mumbai, any complaint regarding roads and poor water management is made to BMC. But, there are many issues with complaints to BMC. It’soften not addressed in a proper way and there is no time frame of the solution to the issue of a problem faced by the resident of Mumbai city.

So, having a city management system for a township is not only a great concept but also one of a kind. In fact, Palava city will be the first township city of India to have its own unique management system run by the residents of the smart city.

Palava city management association will run with the help of members of the Palava city. The association will also have active participation from experts in the city management and urban planners. This will also give a great boost to the civic governance of the smart city. The process of complaining and redressal of the issue will be a simple task now. People who come and stay in Palava just have to make a simple complaint about the phone regarding any issue that they are facing.

The meaning of Palava is a budding flower in Sanskrit. A flower that blooms in its glory and this is just the start. Palava city will grow into a world-class smart city with all the facilities and amenities. It will get a great boost in property rates because of so many infra projects being developed around the smart city. In fact, in a few years, Palava city will be the number one smart city in India. Buying a flat in Palava city will not only give you a great appreciation value but it will also give you complete peace of mind. Come and be a part of this wonderful life!