World famous cities have a heart. A heart that beats for arts, culture, business, fine dine and even nightlife. The heart of the city is where all people from around the city come here to work and socialize. The heart helps people to exhibit their talent; helps in increasing their entrepreneurial skill, helps business thrive. All together, the heart of the city will have people thriving here.

The heart of the city is famously called as the Downtown of the city. The Downtown is the commercial, cultural and sometimes the historical, political and geographical heart of the city.

Some of the world famous Downtowns are:

  • Downtown Sydney
  • Downtown London
  • Downtown Dubai
  • Downtown New York
  • Downtown Singapore
  • Downtown Mumbai
  • Downtown Paris

Downtown neighborhoods command a premium as compared to rest of the city. The Downtown of Sydney commands 50% premium compared to other parts of Sydney. So does downtown’s of other cities. Downtown Dubai commands 80% premium, Downtown London command’s 190% and Downtown New York command’s 220% premium.

In Palava City, Lodha Group is developing Downtown. Downtown is being developed in Sector 4 of Palava City. As said earlier, Downtown will be confluence for people to meet and do things they like. In the same lines, residents from all over Palava will come to Downtown for their daily activities.

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