lodha palava city for kids

Lodha Palava can be easily defined as the utopia of the area for kids. Keeping their thoughts concentric towards a healthy and comprehensive growth of your little one, Lodha Palava will suffice all your needs.

Starting with education, Lodha offers  you a school comprising of love, integrity and discipline. This school is located at Lodha’s largest township at Palava, offers you a ICSE curriculum to over 600 children from Nursery to standard 10th. Another enticing schooling option for your children is the Pawar Public School, Dombivili. These are all located at a walk able distance from the coveted towers of Palava.

Palava City – the land of opportunity kept in mind “all work and no play makes Jack a dull boy.” So, here is presenting Palava Titans, An Astro Turf 3G FIFA approved Football stadium. Complete with amenities and et al, this is one of a kind stadium in the entire Locality. Also Lodha Palava also offers you cricket grounds, gold course, all fully operational, and other sports facilities, incorporated with good taste, great fun and world class equipments. For indoor game lovers ,the choices are endless, starting from carom to chess palava kept it all in mind.

For the human munchkins and toddlers, mothers need not worry and keep their off springs at Smart-kids, the crèche at Palava. Clubhouses to separated swimming pools,  Karate to Yoga, ingredients to bring up a foxy child is perfectly simmered here at Palava. Also, Palava has  Shayamak Dhavar classes to keep your kids on their toes. Palava is usally busy in the weekends with numerous events which will keeps your children well connected with curricular activities.

Palava City has an awesome 60% of open spaces. So, its alright if they want to spread their wings and fly. Palava also ensured that the children are well close to nature, because it is nature after which can teach them to be caring and loving.

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