//Palava City: An Investors Heaven
Palava City: An Investors Heaven

Palava City: An Investors Heaven

Palava City – Home is where the heart is. Home is where you spend the most memorable moments of your life with your family and friends. Investing in a home that gives you great appreciation value is the most important thing.

If your grandparents or parents moved to Mumbai with a dream of purchasing a flat as an investment option but they could not because of money, now is the time you can make their dream come true. Lodha Palava is an investor’s paradise so you can purchase a flat in Lodha and gift it to your grandparents or parents. This would be the best gift of their life.

Real estate investment is the most viable investment option to secure your money. If you invest in gold, bonds or shares then there is no guarantee of appreciation or increase in value. The value of gold and bonds will increase or decrease depending on market conditions. You would not want to invest in something that does not give you a high return.

Real estate investment is different. When you invest in a home or project, the value remains the same or it increases over a period. A flat in Lodha Palava is a great investment in today’s time. Buying a flat in Palava city will give you a guaranteed return and appreciation value. The development in Palava city has been amazing so you can expect a great value for the investment.

Why should you invest in Lodha Palava?

The Palava city focuses on overall development of the area. There is a separate residential and commercial space in Palava. All the basic amenities like healthcare, schools, hospitals and sports complex are easily accessible. When the area is developed and is well equipped with all the amenities, naturally you would get a high return on investment. In future, it can give you a great appreciation value of the home you purchase in the complex.

Lodha Palava city is well connected through different means of transport. The project is connected by road as it’s in the heart of the city of Dombivali. The railway station is also near and there is a metro project that is coming up.

It’s just twenty minutes away from the international airport that is coming up in Navi Mumbai. A proposed monorail station is also coming up within the Palava city. It’s also well connected through buses and taxis. When the connectivity of a particular area is good, it also affects the appreciation value of the home in that project, so give it a thought.

Development of industry, education, infrastructure, and market also plays an important role. If the area is well developed, then it affects the market value of the project or home you are looking to buy. Lodha Palava city is the biggest township and well developed.

More than 30,000 families are already living in Palava city happily. And, with the development of Lakeshore greens, it will add up to 5000 many more families. With so many aspects of development, investing in Lodha Palava is a great option. Expect an appreciation value of more than 50 to 70 percent within three to four years. It’s the right time to invest in Lodha Palava city.

Gain from the investments in past

Investors, who invested in Lodha Palava in the year 2009, have got appreciation value of 33% from the home in this project. Many investors who invested in the project in that year or year after have gained the value that has only increased with time. The initial project had started with a base rate of 1800 sqft in 2009. So, the rate for one BHK flat was 13 lakhs in the year 2009.

Over the years, the rates have not only increased significantly but there has been development in the area too. Currently, the base rate is around 5500 sq ft so the cost of 1 BHK is around 48 lakhs. Consequently, an early investment would have been beneficial for you as well. Invest today so you can get double returns in the future.

Casa Bella was the first township in Palava city and people who invested in Casa Bella have been the biggest gainers. The rate of the project has increased in no time and there are many happy families residing in the township, as there is easy access to everything around. Investment in the first project is always great as it assures you with a price and great return.

Future of investment in Palava city

As a potential investor, if you want to invest in Palava city, then there are still many options to choose from. The project is being developed in different phases. You have a choice to choose from a phase that would give you a great return. Casa Rio by Lodha is a great option to invest your money in. The township offers 1 BHK to 3 BHK flats so you can invest as per your budget and requirement.

Casa Rio project is well equipped with all the modern amenities and facilities, so it is a great option to stay in as well. The construction is in full swing and it will be completed in no time. There will also be the third phase in Lodha Palava so investment options will be open for that phase as well. Gain big in future by investing in the township and you will get great returns for sure.

Lodha Palava is an investor’s heaven as there are so many townships and projects to choose from. The investment is subject to your budget so if you are looking to purchase a one BHK flat, you can do that from phase one or two of the project. You can also invest in Lakeshore Greens that is ready to move in. Lodha Palava is so popular amongst investors, that people from all over India consider this as the best investment choice. Expect the rates of the property and homes to get a great appreciation value in the coming years. Do not wait and invest in a flat at Lodha Palava today. You will surely get great returns in the future that will only make you smile.