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Palava Central Business District

Palava – Established in the year 1980, Lodha group has been a pioneer in the real estate sector. From townships to commercial spaces, Lodha has always believed in the best of living and workspaces. With more than 70 successful projects and 40 ongoing projects, Lodha aims at giving smart living experience to people who love to live in great homes.

Lodha has always been a renowned name in building the best commercial projects that have created some wonderful job opportunities for people over the years. Building a great and better community life is what Lodha believes in.

Lodha Palava city is a township with residential and commercial space located in the heart of the Dombivali city. It spreads over 1000 acres with more than 100 towers and 4500 ready to move flats. The commercial space will have many offices that you will not have to worry about getting a job.

The idea is to work where you stay. If you buy a residential space in Lodha Palava city, you also have an opportunity to work at the Palava central business district. You will save on your traveling cost, which is great for your future.

Lodha Palava is the name that you can trust. Palava city offers the best amenities and projects in residential and commercial spaces. Getting your dream home in the heart of Palava city can bestow a life you always wanted for your family. The commercial spaces by Lodha Palava have opened new doors for job seekers.

The commercial spaces boast of so many huge offices in the vicinity, that you won’t have to go far to get a job. In fact, HDFC bought space at Lodha Palava to start its new headquarters. You can look forward to so many job opportunities with the opening of HDFC in Lodha Palava Dombivali.

Central business district in Palava for job opportunities

Central business district in Palava for job opportunities

For sustaining and living a life you desire, it’s important to get a great job. If your job is good, naturally you would get a good salary. If your salary is great, you would be able to live the life of your dreams. You would be able to buy all the things you wished for. You would be able to provide a great life for your family as well.

The major concern in the country today is unemployment. So, it’s important to look for a job that helps you settle in life. If large industries and commercial spaces are setup in a particular area, the people staying in that area will benefit from the projects.         

Commercial spaces and business parks always thrive on consumer-driven sectors like healthcare, retail, banking, and manufacturing. Many IT sectors are setting up their offices in these spaces to create employment opportunities for people who stay near the complex.

Central business district in Palava will set up many such offices and commercial headquarters of the companies. The commercial offices indirectly or directly employ people who stay near that space. Its a win-win situation for both people who come and stay in Palava and the big companies.          

Expectations from the central business district by Lodha                 

The central business district of Lodha city will be majorly divided into two sectors. Sector I and sector 2 both will be in the new phase which is being developed in Palava city. Both the sectors will have commercial spaces but the hubs will be different. Lodha Palava has planned to keep sector 1 as a complete IT sector. So, you can expect big IT companies to open their offices in this sector. If you are from IT background, then you can look for a job change. Having your residence next to your office is always a good idea.

Conversely, sector 2 will have other commercial offices apart from IT companies. So, this can include banks, healthcare, and big retail companies. The 100 acres of land for the central business district will surely give a major boost to all the commercial sectors.

Different commercial spaces of Mumbai

Different commercial spaces of Mumbai

There are many central business districts in Mumbai city. Bandra Kurla Complex (BKC) is the biggest commercial hub of Mumbai with all major headquarters of banks. There is a separate commercial space in south Mumbai too that have some major commercial offices of Mumbai. There is a separate business district in Mahape in Vashi that also has many commercial offices and offices of big IT companies.

In fact, over the years Mahape has emerged as the biggest commercial space in Vashi. Even Belapur and Vashi have separate commercial spaces that have many offices of big companies. There are two small commercial districts in Airoli and Malad too.

Easing the gap

The central business district by Lodha has already signed a pact with Tata consultancy services and they will be setting up their commercial office in the district. As mentioned above, HDFC has also bought space in Palava city. There are talks with companies like Wipro, Capgemini, and Accenture for setting up of offices in Palava. With so many big companies setting up their offices in Palava, this will surely help to ease the gap. This will not only save on traveling cost but also money. Expect more than 3 lakh jobs once the commercial space gets operational. Buying a flat in Palava will help you get your dream job too.

The construction of CBD will start in some time but it will surely be of the great boom to people staying in Palava city. Once the commercial place gets operational, it will also increase the property rates in the Palava city. This will open employment opportunities for more than 3 lakh people. This is also great for people who want to rent out their apartments purchased in Palava.

After completion of two phases, there will be the third phase of commercial development in Palava city by Lodha. There is no issue of connectivity, as the commercial space is well connected to other areas of Mumbai and Navi Mumbai. Lodha Palava City not only offers you amazing residential flats but also great commercial space. Who does not wish to get a dream job? Buy a flat in Palava and get your dream job along with your dream home.