Palava city is commonly known as a sister city of Mumbai. This city surprises everyone with offers & launches. The city having seen the success of phase I & phase II is thriving on new energy and determination of Lodha to build something majestic. Palava city impact on its residents is truly big on life.

To carry this big on life attitude in its next phase. Palava city is soon going to launch the new phase in this majestic city. The details of new phase are yet not disclosed, once we will get the details we will write about it on our blogs.

The expectation is high from this launch . Considered as Palava next chapter , it is expected that this time too the property will be consumer centric. It is expected that new chapter will be having property in Lake shore area. This scenic property will be in dream home list of every home seeker. The affordability of flats is also one of the factors that boosted the sale of this properties.

The details of new chapter will be unveiled within this week. The crowd is getting bigger & bigger. At present 25000 families are staying happily in Palava city. It is expected that Palava will attract lots of home buyers in upcoming launch.



Palava Next chapter


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