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My Room Lodha Exotica

Lodha Group is primarily associated with novelty. From its constructional might to indoor and outdoor amenities, everything does stand out and is unlike any other residential or commercial estate.

Living up to this novelty factor, Lodha Casa Rio Gold has come up with an up-scale residential tower, Exotica. Lodha Exotica will house spacious and luxurious amenities, indoor as well as outdoor. The apartments at the Exotica are unlike any other. With luxurious 2 BHK spaces, there is an add-on room as well. This add-on room will serve many purposes.

Availability if an extra room, in a bustling city, is always a boon. It can serve as an extended living room or a third bedroom, a kids’ play area or a place for evening soirees or an indoor theatre, to have a gala time while hosting your movie club. From almost anything to everything, your own unique room will definitely stand out in your apartment. Carrying out any activity to your freedom, as scare space will no longer be a problem.

This concept of ‘My Room’ in your very abode, will give you freedom to spend ‘Me Time’ and leisure at any point of time. This entire space can be personalized for you and your family. There is a room for everything. Come, play at Lodha Exotica.

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