//Monorail Service: Ride in a Jiffy
Monorail Service Infrastructure Projects Lodha Palava City

Monorail Service: Ride in a Jiffy

Monorail Service – Infrastructure is not only important for economic growth but also access to markets and services. If the infrastructure is great, commute to the work becomes easier.

Great infrastructure around a township also is the reason for a good appraisal value of the project. Mumbai city has many ongoing infrastructural projects like the second and third phase of the metro, redevelopment of old projects, flyovers and second phase of the monorail.

Most people of Mumbai will benefit from these infrastructural projects, as it will help to save time and money. There are many such projects coming up near Lodha city Palava. Dombivli and Kalyan are well connected to Palava so there are many services and projects to look out for.

Lodha Palava city is being developed in three phases. The development and infrastructure around Palava have been amazing. In fact, Lodha Palava is being touted as the next smart city located in Dombivli.

Lodha Palava has tied up with IBM. The internal connectivity of Lodha as compared to other townships and smart cities will be superlative because of use of technology. Talking about external connectivity, it is well connected to other parts of Mumbai by various means of transport. So, the development is great.

Monorail services near Lodha Palava city                           

Monorail Service: Ride in a Jiffy | Lodha Palava

A monorail route is operational between Chembur and Wadala station in Mumbai. The second phase of the monorail will be operational until Jacob circle. A monorail phase has been planned between Kharghar in Navi Mumbai and Kalyan by MMRDA. 

The whole system will be around 30 km and it will operate between 28 stations along the long route. This is certainly great news for people who stay near Kharghar and Palava. With such good connectivity, there will be an increase in the rates of flats in Palava and that will benefit the potential investors too.

Out of the 28 stations in the planned monorail route, two stations will be in the Palava city itself. One station will be in Casa Rio phase of the Palava city and the second station will be operational in phase 2 that is being currently developed by Lodha Palava.

This connectivity is great for people who stay in Kalyan as well. It will ease the gap between Kalyan, Dombivili and Navi Mumbai. Palava city by Lodha aims at building the best so this connectivity will give a boost to the next phase as planned by the city.

Monorail Services: Ride in a Jiffy | Lodha Palava City

Not only the monorail services, there are many other infrastructural projects that are being developed by MMRDA. A Ghatkopar Ghansoli link road is being constructed and it will ease the traffic in the central business district of Ghansoli.

Then there is Airoli Dombivili tunnel project but that is still in the initial stages. Navi Mumbai international project has already started and its construction is in full swing. There is an Alibaug-Virar modal corridor coming up but that is also in the initial stages of development.

With so many infra projects and monorail service around Palava, it will greatly benefit the people who intend to purchase a flat in Palava city.