//Measures Taken by Lodha Palava City For Safety & Security
Palava Safety & Security - Security services of Lodha Palava Codename Prime Square

Measures Taken by Lodha Palava City For Safety & Security

Palava Safety & Security – With all the effective amenities at the doorstep at just a walking distance, there is hardly any chance of insecure environ. However, Palava understands the need and importance of safety and security of its citizen in time like today’s where crime rules the world. Practically, it is not feasible to be safe everywhere in the world but here at Lodha Palava, we believe in delivering perfection.

Palava City Management Association is Palava city’s private administration body that takes care of the city’s ifs and buts with the utmost professionalism. PCMA looks after the various nitty-gritty of the city varying from efficient use of energy, use of smart cards, and taking care of everyday city issues.

Besides, Palava is a technologically advanced city and for security purposes, it has joined hands with IBM global business services. IBM has provided the facility to the citizens of Palava to communicate with the city administration directly in times of need. Some of the steps that Lodha has taken to ensure the safety of its citizen include:

Three Tier Security System

A Global Economic Driver - Palava Lakeshore Greens - Palava City Management Association (PCMA)

The IT company has managed to bring in Lodha vision to install a three-tier security system and 24×7 Emergency Services for the safety of its citizen. They have a central monitor that enables coordination between the citizens and emergency management so that authorities are able to reach on time and control the situation and take quick coordinated actions.

A first response team has been appointed that is especially there to take immediate action by reaching any part of the city within 15 minutes.

Integrated Operations Centre

IBM’s global platform Integrated Operations Centre (IOC) has been deployed to monitor Palava’s operations and look out for its residents. Another way to have a safe system includes the integration of lift and fire alarms, street-level panic alarms and surveillance CCTV cameras monitoring the entire city.

Custom Identity Cards

Lodha Palava Safety & Security

Custom citizen cards which are specially made for the citizens of Palava city helps keep control over the strangers entering the city without getting inspected. Besides, Palava believes that in any security matters, patrolling play an important part and hence the city has appointed a team that patrols all around the city to ensure any miscreants creating any fuss within the city.

Security Guards

Also, highly trained security guards have been deployed at each entry gate to keep a check on entry and exit of vehicles and individuals. There is security personnel for a group of buildings and the third tier is dedicated security personnel at the entrance of each building. The security personnel is available round the clock for surveillance of the city.

Video surveillance

Palava Safety & Security - Security services of Lodha Palava Codename Prime Square

CCTV cameras have been installed at almost every corner of the Palava city to keep a hawk’s eye on any nuances.

Security Force

A dedicated security force has been created in Palava City for emergencies like fire accidents, medical conditions, flooding during raining season, etc. Apart from all this high tech security, Lodha Group has started an emergency number 911 which can be reached by any Palava resident in any emergency situation.  By collaborating with IBM, Ladha has managed to has taken into consideration all small aspects for making Palava more secure and safe.