Nelson Mandela said it right that “Education is the most powerful weapon which you can use to
change the world.” Education has the power to change the world and Lodha World School, Palava is
showing the world how this is done.
They are shaping the leaders of tomorrow by forging them in an all inclusive and comprehensive
education curriculum. The Lodha Group built their first Lodha World School campus in Thane and
soon moved to set up the second campus in Palava.
In fact, a leading educational magazine in 2016 ranked Lodha World School as 24th in the state of
Maharashtra. Lodha World School was also awarded the International School Award by the British
Council for the period 2015 – 2018. Another laurel – a feather in Lodha World School’s cap came
when it was ranked fourth in the Top 10 Schools (North Zone) survey done by The Hindustan Times.

What Makes Lodha World School Rank One Step Ahead?
Lodha World School, an ICSE based school is an iconic name in the academic circles with well-
designed classrooms, fully-equipped labs, well-stocked libraries and a rich pool of teachers who are
well-versed in child psychology.
Few of the most talked about parameters that make this school the best is:
 A rock solid educational philosophy.
 An academic rigor.
 And the length and the breath of its vision.
The school’s vision includes an all inclusive ideal that propagates their venture in the space of
education with an intent purely based to provide world class education to the youth of this nation
and to mould them to become “Leaders of Tomorrow”.

The philosophy followed by school, aims to shape the best. So every child who steps into the
institute makes for a:-
1) A confident person who has a strong sense of right and wrong, is adaptable and resilient,
knows himself, is discerning in judgement, thinks independently and critically and
communicates effectively.
2) A self-directed learner who takes responsibility of his own learning, who questions, reflects
and perseveres in the pursuit of learning
3) An Active contributor who is who is able to work effectively in teams, exercises initiatives,
takes calculated risks, is innovative and strives for excellence
4) A concerned world citizen who has a strong civic consciousness, is informed and takes an
active role in bettering the lives of others around him

The school is really levelling up the terms of modern education by achieving their vision and
contributing towards strengthening the future of the kids of this country. Lodha World School,
Palava strongly believes in their clear vision that considers more of giving back to the society.
By nurturing the young minds of today, they are transforming the future of India as a nation. It is
therefore rightly envisioned by the Lodha Group to grow the institution in multiple campuses all over
the city. Together, all these temples of knowledge will work in collaboration to achieve brilliant goals
in the field of education for the young and perceptive minds.

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