Lodha Palava Trinity

The perfect idea of a home should be a zone where you can completely relax and unwind. Gone are the days when your sweet home was about four walls and a ceiling. Today, home is all about modern amenities and plush surroundings. Home is all about expression of your being an extension of your lifestyle. Naturally, you would feel good staying in a home that defines luxury. Lodha Palava Trinity is the ideal place, where you can get everything you wish for. From ultra modern fittings to great recreational amenities! The amenities of Lodha trinity residency are not only comfortable but also relaxing. You would never want to leave your home if you buy a flat at Lodha Palava Trinity.

Lodha Trinity pool amenities

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If you like to stay healthy, then fitness is important. Due to stress and restricted time, there is hardly any time to dedicate to exercise. Having a gym near your home is an advantage. You can set your own time and visit the gym for staying fit. The township features a well-equipped gym that lets you workout at your own convenience. The township also has a swimming pool that can help you relax and again help you remain fit. So many indoor games will let you unwind or relax. Indoor games help to reduce your stress level too. Opt for games you are pro at and enjoy your leisure time.

When you buy a flat in the township, the first thing that comes to your mind is the availability of your daily needs. You do not have to worry as Palava Trinity has easy access to retail markets and high street. At a distance of 5 minutes, you can get everything you want. Seeking divine intervention helps you relax and helps you to remain stress-free. There is a Shiva temple located at a 5-minute distance from the township. Availability of good schools is another concern for many people who buy flats in the township. There are two ICSE schools ideally located near Lodha Palava Trinity. It takes care of your child’s education and ease of traveling.

Sunday means family time and what great way to spend some time with your loved ones at the 6 acres lakeside park near Palava Trinity. You can spend amazing time with your family at the pretty lakeside park. Living in the city is never easy; there are buildings all over disrupting your view from the window. But, Lodha Palava trinity offers lake view from your home with plush green private garden. You can spend some amazing peaceful time in the private green garden to completely relax.

If you love to play sports, then there is a sports complex at an 8 minutes distance from Palava Trinity. There is access to many sports activities at the complex. The township is also equipped with a private sundeck. You can access the internet through fiber optic connectivity. The video door system takes care of your safety. Book a 3BHK flat at Lodha trinity starting from 1.1 cr.


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