Lodha Palava spread across 4500 acres of land parcel in Dombivali. Considered as one of the most ambitious project by Lodha Developer this mega city also considered as a sister city of Mumbai has a lot to offer to its residents. The mega city is equipped with all the major amenities one can wish for & same is reflected through its sales.

Sales of homes can be considered as one of the major factors which determine how the future of a project will be & Palava has got a tremendous response in this front as well. According to the reports Palava sold approx 1700 units in the calendar year of 2015. This number is huge considering the fact that the cumulative sales done by other developers working in surrounding area are still not able to beat this number. In short terms, Palava had beaten every other player single handed.

Sales is one of the main criteria to determine that how is the response of customer. As it is very well stated by the sales figure that the demand of this smart city  is very high among the home buyer. It will be a good opportunity to have a home in this mega city. Following reasons can be termed as reason behind such huge sales figure

*) Xperia Mall: The only mall in Dombivali.

*) Infrastructural boost to the projects like expansion of highways, tunnel connectivity, Metro & mono-rail etc

*) Fully functional school in the vicinity & around 18 more schools to come in upcoming years.

*) A 100 acres of commercial area to encourage walk to work concept

*) World class sports facilities in the city

Above are few points that back the fact that why the demand is so huge for the project.


Sales comparison Graph

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