Lodha Palava and Codename Epic, what is all the madness about? The campaigns, the advertisements, the billboards, where do they lead to? They lead to 20 world class schools imparting global education in 1 single locality, an economic growth zone replicating BKC, a 100 acre Central Park bestowing to greenscaping, Smart infrastructure and building management system interconnecting that 1 locality known as Palava- The city of opportunity.

But the other side of the coin talk about delayed possession, unavailability of choicest inventories, the escalating rush leading to mismanagement at the sales site, the lingering construction of some exterior amenities resulting to grudges and negative reviews across several communication platforms. An important aspect of any developer is punctuality which if met, the customers can count themselves among the luckiest.

The argument says, Palava isn’t about a stand-alone building or a few clusters of the same but it is about the socio-cultural features, the much talked about  Smart aspects and social amenities along with tastefully done living spaces. I can lay my bet on the belief of making and tasting of wine. It takes time to mature and grow and once done, the experience would be one of a kind.

Why must one place his bet on this project? Affordable pricing, eminent builder and India’s First Smart city is to start with. Statistics vouch on the fact that Palava gives an ROI of 16.07%, 2.5 times more than any other ongoing project! The Fadnavis govt. has joined hands giving substance to our honourable PM’s vision of 100 Smart cities in the country by sanctioning a whopping 6500 Cr INR for the development of Kalyan- Dombivali area. The latest construction development claims faster delivery and timely possession leading to happy customers, unlike past scenario.

The inference leads to 2 key factors every home-buyer today is concerned about- kid and family comfort and connectivity. Palava is strategically located as it lies between the job triangle of Kalyan- Dombivali- Thane, lesser than 20 mins drive from Navi Mumbai, Lesser than 30 mins drive from Thane and about an hours’ drive from SoBo. Yet, it isn’t as close to any railway station. The Nilje station connecting harbor and central lines is about to start functioning, 2 metro stations of the Kharghar Taloja metro corridor is scheduled to come up within Palava.

Tip: Watch out for the Pre Launches for better prices and upgraded inventories

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