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Palava City

Palava City

Lodha Palava city is situated on the outskirts of Dombivali on Kalyan Shil road. Currently, the rates at Palava – a world class city is around 6500 per square feet. Palava which is being developing on 4000 acre of land has many neighborhoods surrounding it. The rates at these places are more or less similar to Palava city. Some of them are Ulwe, Taloja, Kalyan, Dombivali and New Panvel.

The rates at Ulwe is around 5500 per sq feet, in Taloja it is around 4500 per sq feet, at Kalyan it is 6000 per sq feet, in Dombivali it is 6500 per sq feet and in New Panvel the rates are around 3500 per sq feet.

But these areas do not offer the facilities and amenities available in Palava. The places will be a good place to live however, Palava will help you to flourish for generations to come.

The already functional Lodha World School, clubhouse, golf course, swimming pool, cricket stadium, etc proves this fact. The fact that Palava is a city is self sufficient and has all the good things in it. Palava is growing at much faster rate than the remaining neighborhoods. Also the property as a whole, has appreciated more than other areas near Palava.

The concept of Palava is of a planned, smart and a mega city that has given it this edge over other areas of MMR. Stay invested in this project and get maximum returns for the project.

    • Dear Mr. Amol,

      It looks like you are searching for a property near New Panvel.
      But we are dealing only with lodha property in dombivali.
      If you are interested in this property, please revert bank to us on this comment

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