//Lodha Palava Codename Prime Square Offers Complete Peace of Mind
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Lodha Palava Codename Prime Square Offers Complete Peace of Mind

Lodha Palava is an urban smart city with smart features and great facilities. The city is planned in three different phases. The first and second phase is complete and the third phase is under construction. While buying a flat you look for all the basic amenities. Lodha Palava Codename Prime Square offers you all the amenities like 24/7 water supply and electricity.

There are well-equipped gyms and swimming pools in Palava city. For sports fanatic in you, there is a cricket and football stadium. There is also a dedicated golf course with the state of art features. There is a separate yoga zone if you want to practice yoga.

All the things can be easily accessible near Palava city. There are three international schools with a great curriculum. There are two shopping malls near the city. In fact, Xperia is a new mall that has some amazing brands. If you are a shopaholic, then you can shop in this mall.

Lodha has also planned a third mall that will house many international brands. There is a waterfront area where you can relax with your family and friends. A separate play area for your children will keep them occupied for sure. Lodha Palava Codename Prime Square offers complete safety too.

Responsive systems of Palava city

Lodha Palava Codename Prime Square Offers Complete Peace of Mind

Life is uncertain and unpredictable. Having a hospital or healthcare center near your home is essential. In case of an emergency, you can rely on these healthcare facilities. Lodha Palava has a special emergency response system for healthcare. It has introduced special dedicated ambulance and fire engines for people of Palava.

With an emergency number of 911, you can access both the services quickly. Having a dedicated emergency number can really help you in case of an unforeseen event. Lodha Palava city has one of a kind responsive system unlike any other township of Mumbai.

Security services of Lodha Palava Codename Prime Square

Security services of Lodha Palava Codename Prime Square

Safety and security is a prime concern today. Lodha Palava considers the safety of its citizens as a prime objective. When you buy a place or invest in a home, you also look for safety features. The Palava management system takes care of citizen safety with high tech safety systems. The security is just a call away at Lodha Palava and this is an added advantage. Being a high tech city you can expect safety to be high tech too. Lodha has integrated with IBM to provide the best safety and security features to citizens of Palava city.

It’s important to have CCTV access in every home today. Staying in apartments, people purchase the CCTV monitors for their safety. But, Palava has great access to CCTV monitor control. It has an operational central command center. All the CCTV monitors are accessed through this command center.

Lodha Palava city is in 24/7 surveillance control. No activity goes unnoticed in Palava city. With such great safety features, it is a must to buy a flat in Lodha Palava. You can experience complete peace of mind and security for your family.

Complete access control

Security services of Lodha Palava Codename Prime Square

Every phase and every building in Palava has its own access control system for enhanced security. If there is something wrong with security features, you can manually control it. Earlier there were just intercoms for security. It was not possible to see the person through the intercom. But, Palava city features video door phone technology.

This feature provides complete safety and transparency. When someone comes to your place, you can see the person through videophone. If you do not know someone, you can simply refuse to meet the person.

Lodha Palava city works on five-tier-monitoring systems with complete electronic access. It has more than 650 CCTV cameras in its vicinity for present monitoring. The video surveillance feature of the monitors also works well. Cameras are installed at all public places in Lodha Palava city. So, whether you are in the gym or waterfront, you are always safe.

There are cameras in the children’s area too, so your children are safe. Lodha Palava also has access to street level panic buttons. It means in case of an emergency, you can just press the panic button and you will be provided with security. This feature is one of a kind in any township.

Multi-level car parking

Lodha Palava Codename Prime Square Multi-level car parking

Everything in Lodha Palava Codename Prime Square is smartly planned. Even the car parking system of Lodha city is great. It offers a multi-level car parking where cars are parked in multiple storage structures. This helps to save on space and eliminates congestion. When cars are parked in order, there is no chaos in the city.

Many townships have different car parking facilities, but nothing beats this structure. Everything is so well organized that you can park your car in seconds without any issue. Multi-level car parking is a great concept by Lodha Palava city.

Other healthcare facilities

When you buy a flat, you look for basic things around. Schools, hospitals and other healthcare facilities are your prime concern. Lodha Palava city offers all the facilities for your convenience. Many pharmacies are open 24/7 for health emergencies. Many health clinics are at a walking distance.

Lodha Palava gives you complete peace of mind regarding safety. Now, you do not have to worry about emergencies. Everything is accessible at a distance. With so many health facilities around, it is the best place to stay in.

Lodha Palava Codename Prime Square is a place that offers so many amenities. When there are so many things around, the price of your flat will get an appraisal too. If you invest in Lodha Palava today, you will get high returns in the future. There are already more than 30,000 happy families staying in Lodha Palava. After the third phase, many more families will come and stay at Palava. Lodha Palava is a place that can give you complete safety with high tech features. The experience will leave you spellbound for sure. Lodha Palava Codename Prime Square is surely a place of your dreams. Invest or buy a flat in Lodha Palava for an amazing experience.