//Lodha Palava City with a Sporting Side
Lodha Palava City With a Sporting Side

Lodha Palava City with a Sporting Side

We all love some kind of sport, don’t we? In fact, India is one cricket and football-crazy nation. People love to play sports on weekends. Are you one sports fanatic? Then Lodha Palava city is an ideal place for you. It has so many sports amenities that you would love to spend your time in fields.

Lodha Palava City believes in the concept of better living. So, when luxury meets fun, you will have a great time for sure. Palava city is spread in 4500 acres of land. The open space and residential spaces are indeed the highlights of the township.

The basic you can expect in a housing complex is a gym or a swimming pool. But, Palava city is a planned smart city. So having sports facilities inside is a great option for sure. Apart from facilities, there are special zones that are dedicated to sports.

So many sporting activities take place in Lodha Palava City that you will never get bored. The city features a jogging and cycling track to keep you fit. Palava city has changed the concept of smart living. Having sports facilities near your home can give you a high in life for sure.

A dedicated cricket ground

Lodha Palava City Cricket Ground

An excellent cricket stadium will surely attract many cricket fanatics. Lodha Palava city has built a cricket stadium for all the budding cricketers. It also offers a cricket-training academy. Different coaching programs are run by this coaching academy so you can get so much to learn about cricket.

The duration of the training program is two months and six months. Many tournaments are held in this ground. With professional cricket training, you can live your dream of being a cricketer for sure. It offers the best sporting facilities and amenities, unlike other townships.

Football craze

Lodha Palava City Football Ground

If football is your first love, then there is good news for you. Palava city has a FIFA standard football stadium that gives you the feel of the actual football ground. There are not many football stadiums in Mumbai and that is a drawback. The management of Palava city organizes different football leagues.

You can also play in an intercity football tournament that is held in the football ground. Last year 40 teams had participated in the football league by Palava. People of Palava had a great time not only playing but also watching the league. The sitting capacity of the football ground is also good.

Golf course

Lodha Palava City - Golf Course

Do you think it is possible to have a golf course near your house in Mumbai? It’s surely not possible due to space constraints. Palava city Dombivali also has a golf course in its vicinity. The golf course is spread around 30 acres of land. It stretches along with the phases of Palava city.

The golf course of Palava city is a nine-hole golf course and hence its one of a kind. So, if you like to play golf this is the ideal place to be. The golf course also has distinct features like no other. Just relax and have a good time on Sunday. You can stay stress-free by playing golf if you buy a flat in Lodha Palava city.

Multi arena sports facilities

Lodha Palava City Badminton

Apart from the cricket stadium, football stadium, and golf course, Palava city has many multi-sports facilities. If playing sports is your passion, then you can explore every sporting facility. Palava city has a basketball court so you can just play with all your might. It has a tennis court in case you are interested to play tennis.

Playing tennis can actually keep you fit and active. It also has a squash and badminton court. Playing squash is great as it helps to burn good calories. Playing badminton with your family at the badminton court can be super exciting. The multi arena sports facilities are like no other. Palava city has truly built a super sports arena in its vicinity.

Indoor activities

Lodha Palava City Swimming Pool

If you are an indoor person, then you can also enjoy indoor activities. Lodha Palava city offers many indoor games as well. You can simply have a great time playing these games. It’s the best thing to unwind. Palava city also features swimming pools if you love water.

Most housing complexes have a single swimming pool, which can cause skin allergy. But, Lodha Palava city has more than one swimming pool. You can choose your own time and completely have a good time swimming alone or with your family. Palava city also has separate water playing area for kids. Kids love to play with water. So, this is actually an amazing experience for them. Palava city is surely a magical place to stay in.


Lodha Palava City Championships

People watch different championships on TV. What if you get to play in such championships? Every year Lodha Palava city organizes different levels in championships. So, you can live your joy of sports through these championships. It conducts multiple sporting activities so that you never get bored. Showcase your sporting skills like never before with various championships.

Olympic complex

Lodha Palava City Olympic complex

Going one step ahead, Palava city will soon have an Olympic complex. A smart city with an Olympic complex sounds great and it’s one of a kind. The Olympic track will also have a 400-meter athletic track for running. Along with this, Lodha is planning a new age exercise arena in Palava city. The arena will have all the great features that will surely enthrall the people of Palava city.

Palava city has all the great amenities and luxury features. It’s indeed touted to become the number one smart city of India. It’s close to nature and it has a dedicated jogging track too. Jogging in the lap of nature can give you a great high in life. So many happy families are staying in Lodha Palava city. More than 30,000 flats have been occupied. And, the third phase is going to complete within the time frame. Come and explore the sporting side of wonderful Lodha Palava city, you will surely love it. Book a flat today in Palava Codename Prime Square.