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Palava: The City of Opportunity

Have you ever imagined a city full of opportunity? A city where opportunity is in abundance; a city where your talent is recognized to the fullest; a city that will drive you crazy with the opportunities at your door step.

We welcome you to the world of Palava: The City of Opportunity.

Palava is full of Opportunity for all kind of people. Palava believes is searching out the talent in every individual.

The first and the foremost requirement of any individual is Education. Palava will have 20 schools on its completion of which Lodha World School is already operation and Pawar School will be operational by the next year. Moreover, Palava will have a world class university which offers education from different field.

Palava has different kinds of sports facility like Golf Course, Cricket ground, Tennis court, Basket ball court, etc to help us inculcate sportsmanship in everyone. Lodha Group is developing a world class Olympic stadium and swimming pool in Codename the Center. This Olympic Stadium will be build in Sector 4 of Phase 2 in Palava city. Palava will have over 25 ultra modern clubhouses which will be open to amateurs and seasoned professionals.

Sector 1 and 2 of Phase 2 in Palava City will have Commercial and Business hubs. Palava will provide an opportunity to start a new business and facilities required to succeed in your new business. Palava will bow the seeds of creating new entrepreneurs in modern India.

The arts and culture center to build in Palava will be the biggest in Mumbai region. It will help in developing likeminded people in arts field. Various genres of arts like classic, folk, western will be practiced and held in the arts and culture center.

The 18th avenue passing through Phase 2 of Palava city will house shopping and dining centers. The 18th avenue stretches from the beginning of sector 3 and goes up to the end of sector 4. Young entrepreneurs can open their retail outlets and restaurants here.

Palava will give an access to the residents to manage the city. In Palava, there is Palava City Management Association (PCMA) where residents can take part to run the city.

Palava will have 3 Multi Specialty Hospital one in each phase. These hospitals will provide treatment for all illness with dedicated care to your loved ones.

Lodha Group is covering all sectors to creating opportunity in Palava. Palava will create more than 3.5 lack jobs by 2025 which will help in increasing GDP of the country.

  1. I was going through your website and am quite impressed by the Project description.
    For a 2BHK Ultima Flat, what will be the carpet area?

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