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Lodha Palava City One with Nature

Lodha Palava CityMumbai is the city of dreams but it is certainly not close to nature. The redevelopment projects in Mumbai have left no breathing space. There is no place in Mumbai with complete green space. There is no place that helps you relax amidst nature and its beauty.

Don’t you wish to stay at a place where there are greenery and landscapes all around or in a place where you can breathe clean air? Places that will help you relax in the wonderful lap of natural beauty. Spending time alone amidst nature is one way to remain stress-free. Lodha Palava city is the answer to all the questions above.

Lodha Palava city is a planned smart city that believes in the concept of green living. Lodha Palava city gives you the best quality of life with great features. With natural surroundings and thousands of trees around, it is a great place to stay.

Pollution has become the main concern in Mumbai and even Navi Mumbai. Lodha Palava city is a green city that is pollution-free. So, the air that you breathe will also be pollution-free. In the lap of Mother Nature and luxury, Lodha is the name you can always trust.

Green activities and workshops

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Global warming is a universal issue. Palava city believes in the concept of green living and green initiative. Everything is recycled and reused in Palava city, which contributes to nature. Palava city converts wastewater and uses it to plant the trees around the city. As a part of the green activity, Lodha Palava has been distributing plant saplings in Navi Mumbai and Thane.

The go green concept is one of a kind. The citizens of Palava city are playing an active role in keeping up with this initiative. The aim is to spread the good message of environmental sustainability and conservation.

Palava city has planted more than 2500 trees under its green initiative. The city has distributed more than 8000 saplings around Mumbai. Planting trees is the need of the hour. And, Palava city further plans to add about 2 lakh trees in Mumbai. Though this task is difficult, still the initiative is great considering the need for planting trees.

Palava city is aimed to become the greenest city in India by 2025. Palava city organizes many go green workshops to create awareness about global warming too. It’s the best place to stay close to Mother Nature.

Need for exercise

In this stressful life, it is a must to remain fit and healthy. It’s important to exercise on a daily basis. Lodha Palava Codename Prime Square gives you that kind of facility. Palava waterfront is a planned path with a dedicated jogging and walking track. It also has a cycling track if you love cycling to keep yourself fit.

The path is great to keep the citizens active. If you purchase a flat in Lodha Palava city, then you don’t have to go far away to stay fit. Take time out from your busy schedule and go for a walk. A beautiful waterfront also gives you a positive vibe.

PEDL is another initiative by LODHA that lets you participate in an intercity cycling challenge. It also offers a bike-sharing initiative that is great for the intercity commute. Cycle your way to remain active and fit.

Lakeside Park

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Staying near to nature gives a sense of peace. Nature has a great effect on thought and the way you perceive things. It certainly has a calming effect on you. If staying close to nature is your dream, you can fulfill it now. Lodha Palava City has a 5-acre lakeside park and nature center.

Lakeside is a lush green park where you can spend some great time with your family. You can simply relax on Sunday by spending time with your loved ones in the park. You now have another reason to stay stress-free in life.

Lodha Palava Codename Prime Square in Palava city offers the best air quality. So many people are facing breathing problems in Mumbai because of pollution. Having a lush green park around your home can give you the cleanest air.

Green living is a new way to lead a great life. Lodha Palava City Dombivali gives you that kind of living with great amenities. You can enjoy excellent air quality in Palava city. It will be the number one greenest city in near future for sure.

Open Spaces

People of Mumbai crave for open spaces. With so many redevelopment projects, there are very few open spaces left. Don’t you wish to stay at a place where there are open spaces all around, luxury and good vibe to give you peace of mind?

Palava city offers that kind of vibe to you. It has 60% open space with greenery all around. You can walk through these places and feel great. The open space concept by Palava is one of a kind. It offers you all the modern amenities keeping in mind the environment.

Lodha Palava city also features 1.3 km riverside promenade with an amphitheater. You can have an amazing time with your children and dear ones at this place. The idea is to keep you entertained with the lap of nature. It is the best time to invest in Lodha Palava Codename Prime Square.

The true green calling

Palava city is coming up with a nature center. It will promote research, creation, and biodiversity. This center will benefit the people staying in Palava city. A nature center will actively promote the concept of green and clean. There is no such center in Mumbai and Navi Mumbai.

Green living is not just a thought but a reality now. Palava city has made this possible through its green living concept. With so many lush trees and landscaped garden, you will be lost in the world of nature. The air that you will breathe will be pure. It will not only keep you healthy but also keep you active in life. Come and experience the true nature calling by purchasing a flat in Lodha Palava Codename Prime Square.