Lodha Palava Central Park in Dombivali

“Luxury to me is not about buying expensive things: Its about living in a way where you appreciate

things”. Most of us today agree to this piece by Oscar La Benta. We are living such fast paced lives

throughout the day and sometimes maybe in the nights that we do want to come back home to a

peaceful place where we can appreciate the smaller things, wake up to the chirping of the birds and

fresh air as well as scenic greenery, play with our kids, enjoy walks with our parents, or even a

conversation with the old parents just sitting on the bench of a park whenever we want to. These

are the little luxuries that we all miss even when we can afford all the other materialistic goodies.

The Central Park by the Lodha Group at Palava is the answer to this whole anxiety. With the

introduction of “The Central Park”, which is adorned by greenery , open spaces, and beautiful

gardens, you give your family and your loved ones not just a beautiful homes to live in but also gift

them well being and good health. If you have been thinking of providing world class amenities, all

located at a walkable distance from your home that too at an affordable price to your dear ones

then what better than “The Central Park”

We keep reading , hearing and discussing about the palava Air Quality Index for different areas and cities

comparing it even with Mumbai at times, and do realize that with the increase in the no. of vehicles

and industries, it shall only worsen. Health is a concern and there is not much that can be done

about it other than trying to find cleaner, greener surroundings in the neighbourhood. The Central

Park gives us just that, with over 2lac trees giving us the cleanest air across top cities, natural lake,

parks, expansive forest greens along with Courtyards around your home with play areas, walkways

and seating areas and tree –lined streets, that make it a completely beautiful place to stay in. All this

without missing out on the amenities like a High Street Retail centre, a World Class school, an

Olympic sized Sports Complex, Club Houses, a University , a Centre for Arts & Culture , a Children’s

Museum and Learning Centre and much more. As the Lodha Group rightly says – “You can do where

the action is, or you can live right next to it”.

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