//A City Where Education is The Key to the Future
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A City Where Education is The Key to the Future

Lodha PalavaHow important it is to have educational institutes near your home? Well, it is very important because it saves your children’s traveling time. There are not many townships in Mumbai and Navi Mumbai. And, most children have to travel far for good schools. Having schools in the vicinity of the township is surely a great experience.

Lodha Palava City is a planned urban smart city. It provides with so many amenities and facilities so that you lead a luxurious life. Lodha Palava city has a massive area of 4500 acres. From recreation to sports, Lodha Palava city has it all.

A good education is important today. It shapes your child’s career along the way. It’s important to have good schools around your place. Having a good educational board is a must today. Times have surely changed and the focus is on the overall development of a child.

Schools that offer complete personality development are gaining more prominence. And, it’s good for your child too. Getting admission in a good school is another issue that is faced by most parents. It’s not easy to get admission in Mumbai schools. Lodha Palava has its own educational zone with different schools and boards.

Renowned ICSE schools

Shri Ram Universal School

Lodha Palava - Shri Ram Universal School

Shri Ram Universal School is a brand name in schools. It comes from one of the most premium institutes in India. It not only provides academic excellence but also helps your child grow. It follows the extracurricular activities that help to develop the personality of your child. The school has set up the best national and international practices for complete convenience.

ICSE board has become the most sought-after board for education. In Mumbai, the primary board is SSC but times have changed now. Almost all the international schools in Mumbai have ICSE or CBSE boards today. The board offers complete excellence and it will surely help to nurture your child.

Lodha Palava city is always focused on providing the best. That is the reason it took up educational zone as an important aspect. When you come and stay in a place, you always look for amenities. And, education is a facility that is mandatory for your children. As the school is in the vicinity of Lodha Palava, your children won’t have to travel far.

In fact, the time that your child saves on traveling is the time your child can enjoy playing in the sports arena. Having the best school around is surely a great thing. You have a great reason to buy a flat in Lodha Palava city now.

Shri Ram Universal School also integrates different curriculums. World-class integration of national and international practices will surely benefit your child in the future. Shri Ram Universal is the first school started by Lodha Palava city. The overall teaching experience at school is also good.

Lodha World School

Lodha Palava - Lodha World School

Lodha World School is another option for people who stay in Palava. It offers the best schooling facilities and excellent academic practices. In fact, Lodha World School has received the best international school award by the British Council of education. It was amongst one of the top tech schools of India. It holds the fourth position in leading world schools in India.

In Thane, it is ranked at number 3 for the best school. Lodha World School is ranked 20th in Mumbai. And, there is more, it is 65th in India according to education world ranking. Lodha World School has received the world school excellence award too. With so many awards, it is indeed the best school in Palava city.

Lodha World School focuses on activity-based learning more than theory. The school believes in providing the best stress-free environment for your child. The school uses new technology for teaching and applied educational approach. Lodha World School focuses on learning more than teaching. That is the reason it focuses on the complete growth of a child.

It organizes out of school activities so that your child can learn in a better way. Lodha World School has a great name in education. It especially focuses on the safety of your child. You do not have to worry about your child when you come and stay at Lodha Palava city. Your child will be in safe hands for sure.

Pawar Public School

Lodha Palava Pawar Public School

Pawar Public School is managed by Pawar charitable trust. The school provides the best quality education with state of art teaching experience. The infrastructure of the school is simply the best and this feature shines out. The school has the best educational practices that totally focus on the growth of the child. The focus of Pawar Public School is on critical thinking, experienced learning and conceptualized clarity.

It offers so many world-class amenities that would provide only the best education for your child. It’s a perfect place for young learners. The school has an ICSE board and follows integrated practices for the betterment of your child.

Other options

Lodha Palava - CBSE school

So many people are already staying in Lodha Palava city. By the next two years, many happy families will come and stay at Palava city. Considering this need, Palava city has decided to open a CBSE school by next year. Lodha Palava World School will open its CBSE branch for integrated learning experienced.

So, you will also get to choose from different board options for your child. As a parent, it is your call whether you want to send your child to CBSE or ICSE board. This is surely a reason to buy a flat in Palava with so many flexible options available for you.

Lodha Palava city is also coming up with an advanced learning center. When the career path is set, it becomes easier to excel in life. Lodha Palava city gives you a fine luxury living along with great educational facilities. The educational institutes are one of a kind that believes in nurturing and enlightening your child. It’s a great time to buy a flat in Lodha Palava city. You will get all the basic facilities like health care, recreation, and sports. It has also set up a special commercial zone for work. Plan your visit to Lodha Palava city, you surely won’t regret.