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Lodha New World School – School is our second home because in adolescence half of our day we spend in our schools. All the education, behaviour, integrity, culture, curricular activity all the attributes which a child need to have in their current living we all received in our school life. at that time our parents were very much concerned about our studies mostly about our infinity because this is the time when the base is actually formed. and that is a very valuable moment because to develop a tree the rootlets need to be stiff and strong.

Beforehand before grand Grandfather’s generation, there is used to be “PATHASALA” where so many kids come there, they assemble on the carpet and there was only one headmaster who taught everything. It was pleasant at that time with the permitted environment and practising the healthy flutter under the tree they do their studies which looks really relaxed. but now by the modern technologies and new discoveries, children don’t need to sit on the floor not even outside under the tree it is now a room which decorated bench and desk and a chalkboard. All these Facilities come to a five-star reconnaissance and top technology of the learning system when it comes to LODHA WORLD SCHOOL.

Lodha New World School - Lodha Palava School

Lodha World School is an academy like a future chimaera of any novice. All the best dexterities are available from digital board to the smartboard, Internet connection, wifi system in classrooms, a world-class library, everything is available there. Lodha has its dwellings which is very much fantasied with each and everyone’s want. Lodha School is also one of the totalities where the kids get the best pedagogy with the best education.

Palava’s Lodha World School listed second in HT’s Top School Survey and also emphasised in the top 50 schoolhouses in India, according to Education World. Concluded on a number of parameters including, the erudite trustworthiness, nature of learning, co-curricular training, sports, foundation and more, the school came out to be one of the qualified. there they contribute the best mentor to the best trainee for all the exercises by which a minor can be an immeasurable frame in all way. in the Sports, there are so many winning games and if they triumph then they will get medals accordingly which is really delivered their children cheering and motivated. those who lose to win get the participation certification. they won’t frustrate anyone after-all life is about victory and failure so never succumb hope. and if parents discern that their children are celebrating each and everyone’s winning and gaining mellowed day by day then who else will be satisfied except the parent if they see their children’s vivacious future.

This further lightens Palava’s imagination is to concentrate on the holistic evolution of a minor by endeavouring quality education and state-of-the-art facilities. Every school in the city is keen to advance supplementary and diverse possibilities that to have the skills of the little ones.

New CBSC School coming soon near Sriram School in Lodha Palava City Dombivali

Nowadays the progenitors were so occupied that they just can’t look upon to their babies very much out of 100, 80% parents are struggling by post so fundamentally, they don’t have plentiful time and also don’t want to thwart their child’s learning. That’s why Lodha formulated an academy which is also not so far away from their section so they can comfortably drive alone by cycle and the procedure and educators are so expert that the parents can comfortably do focus on their own businesses.

Palava has been envisioned as the municipality that allows class knowledge and unique adroitness that has every facility of a baby to make them better leaders of the future. With three ICSE schools, Lodha World School, Pawar Public School and The Shri Ram Universal School, already enhancing the structure bricks for the little ones, Palava is regulating up for a new CBSE school in Lakeshore Greens. Lodha World School (CBSE) will begin operations in 2019. Ingresses for the academic year of 2019 have already begun for all the four schools and have seen an inconceivable amount of people desirous to have their children study here. With Lodha World School being placed among the best and one of India’s foremost schools, The Shri Ram Universal School, also in the proximity, it will come as no wonderment if Palava becomes the alternative for every parent viewing for the overall improvement of their child.

By proffering the uppermost bureau and high-grade learning Lodha becomes one of the top-ranked school. the bus is also convenient for them so that they don’t need to bother about their children, they can proceed cautiously without encountering any traffic concern. The teachers learn them in a tone that they don’t need to go to other coaching centres. There is a facility of the smartboard so they don’t need to “ratta maar” everything they can envision the information which they are cramming. Lodha World School is now on the head so by expert advice you can easily trust on them for your child’s doom.