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Lakeshore Greens

Lakeshore Greens

In November, 2013 Lodha Group launched Palava City with Amitabh Bachan as their Brand Ambassador. The same time marked the Prelaunch of Lakeshore Greens.

Lakeshore Greens is Sector 3 in the second phase of Palava City. The Second Phase is divided into 11 sectors and now they are developing sector 3 i.e. Lakeshore Greens. There are 11 clusters in Lakeshore Greens namely Casa Porto, Casa Uno, Casa Prima, Casa Elite, Casa Regalia, Casa Vista, Casa Lagoona, Casa Viento, Casa Paseo, Casa Lakeside and Casa Cielo. Altogether there around 100 buildings in all of there clusters. Each cluster will have its own private garden and clubhouse. Each and every building in Lakeshore Greens in Vastu compilent i.e. each building is East-West facing.

This  sector doesn’t have Silt Car Parking that means you can’t park your car at the base of your building. But two separate buildings are being constructed for this purpose. These buildings are called as Multi-Level Car Parking (MLCP). Any person buying 1 or 2 BHK apartment will get 1 car parking free and any one buying 3 BHK apartment will get 2 car parking free of cost. This is a limited period offer.

In Lakeshore Greens each cluster has its own uniqueness. The most premium cluster in Lakeshore Greens in the Casa Lagoona since it is facing the lakeside. Casa Lakeside is flanked by 100-acre Central Park on one side and Lake on the other side. Casa Paseo, Casa Porto and Casa Uno are very near to the Central Business District which is in Sector 2. Very near to Casa Paseo in the Market, Transpost Hub and The Gas Station. The 100-acre Central Park is very close to Casa Cielo, Casa Lakeside, Casa Vista and Casa Paseo. Casa Elite is very near the School in Sector 3. Also Casa Paseo is at the Entrance of Lakeshore Greens which is a added advantage. The units offered in Lakeshore Greens are 1 BHK, 2 BHK Optima, 2 BHK Ultima and 3 BHK. Apart from this Jodi Flats are also available at select buildings.

In November 2013, the launch rates of Lakeshore Greens was 4545 psf. After that the rates have been revised many times. Currently the rates in Lakeshore Greens is 5283 for 1/2 BHK and 5499 for 3BHK.

Lodha Group have sold out around 6000 inventories withis the span of 6 months. Only very handful of inventories are available in Lakeshore Greens.

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