//Live Learn Work Play At Lodha Palava City
Live Learn Work Play At Lodha Palava City in Dombivali

Live Learn Work Play At Lodha Palava City

Mumbai is a city of dreams. But, buying a flat in Mumbai is difficult. The property rates have soared and there are not many open spaces left. Even if you buy a flat in Mumbai, you can’t really call it your dream flat. The rooms are small and there is no space where you can relax. Live Learn Work Play At Lodha Palava City

Staying in a building in crowded Mumbai and staying in a township is a different experience. A township can give you an experience of your life. Lodha Palava is one such smart city that offers so many facilities and features. Lodha Palava is where you can get your dream flat.

Imagine a place where you can lead a good life and have fun at the same time. A place where you don’t have to travel to work or spend long hours traveling. A place that lets you indulge in your hobbies or a place that lets you relax at weekends.

If this sounds too good to be true, then there is news for you. Lodha Palava offers so many features that you can lead a life you love. You can relive all the moments with your loved ones. Lodha offers a lifestyle that you only dream of or imagine.

Live with the concept of great life

Live Learn Work Play - Lodha Palava Codename Prime Square - Swimming Pool

Lodha Palava Dombivali features world-class swimming pools with indoor games. There are so many other recreational activities that you will never get bored. A water-based play zone is planned for children. It already has a separate playing zone for your kids. A new age exercise arena is also being planned at Lodha Palava. An Olympics sports complex is being planned that will have state of art features.

The garden area will help you to completely relax. There is a meditation zone where you can get complete peace of mind. Palava management is also starting food trucks near the waterfront area for you to have a good time.

The concept of great living stands true for Lodha Palava City Codename Prime Square. Apart from amenities and luxuries, the city offers much more. There is a cricket stadium with professional training sessions. The place has a dedicated FIFA football stadium for all the football enthusiasts.

It features a 9 hole golf course where you can show your golfing skills. A multi-sports arena features many sporting courts. You can play basketball or badminton in the arena. Lodha Palava also organizes various championships for sports fanatics.

Learning with the best

Live Learn Work Play - The New Educational Hub - Lodha Palava - CBSE school

Having good educational institutions nearby is an important factor for buying a home. Lodha Palava City Codename Prime Square gives you that kind of facility. Your children will have access to the best schools that will build their foundation.

There are 3 renowned ICSE schools in Palava City by Lodha. Shri ram universal school completely blends with the natural and internal curriculum. Lodha world school offers so many activities that provide out of the world learning experience.

The school focuses on the child’s overall development. Then there is Pawar public school that offers so many extra curriculum facilities for your children. Lodha Palava city is also set to open another CBSE school by the year 2019. The city offers advanced learning experience like no other township will offer.

Learning is fun in Lodha Palava as it also organizes different kinds of workshops. As a resident of Palava city, you can take part in aero modeling or creative art workshops. This helps to bring out your creative side as well. During festivals, there are different kinds of workshops organized by Lodha. Lantern making and eco-friendly Ganesh workshops are to name a few. You can learn so much staying at Lodha Palava City Codename Prime Square, book your flat today.

Walk to work culture

Live Learn Work Play - Palava Central Business District

The daily commute to work not only causes stress but also affects your health. Lodha Palava aims to change the concept of work culture. It has set up a central business district in its vicinity. HDFC has already bought a space along with so many multinational companies.

There is a separate area for a startup as well. There will be more than 30,000 job opportunities for residents of Palava city. You can also be the lucky one to get a job here. If you buy a flat in Lodha Palava City Codename Prime Square, you can walk to work.

Walk to work culture is one of a kind. No other township has experimented with this concept. You can save your time on work commute and do things you love. The time you save can also be utilized for your hobbies. You can make some amazing memories with your loved ones. Having an office near your place can give you peace of mind. You will feel less stressed and happy. Lodha makes your dreams come true in a special way.

Play along with a positive vibe

Live Learn Work Play At Lodha Palava City

Live Learn Work Play – Palava city is always buzzing with events and excitement. You won’t ever have a dull moment here. There is Tarang festival that is organized for residents of Palava. So many different festivals are celebrated in Palava like Ganesh Utsav, Navratri, Holi, and Diwali. Diwali is celebrated with Dhol Tasha and there is a Durga Puja in Navratri. Eco-friendly Ganesh Utsav is celebrated with equal fanfare.

There are two malls near Lodha Palava City Codename Prime Square. Xperia mall is famous for all the branded outlets. Hamley’s has also opened its store in this mall. Your children will love this for sure. There is a new mall coming up near Lodha Palava and that simply means you will get to shop more.

The clubhouse of Palava has its own private movie theater. So, if you are a movie buff you can spend some good time here. Lodha Palava organizes many other cultural events throughout the year.

Live Learn Work Play At Lodha Palava City in Dombivali. You can live with joy and learn so much. You can work along and have a good time. Palava city is the best place to stay with your loved ones. Invest in Lodha Palava City Codename Prime Square today. On pre-booking, you will also get added discounts. Lodha Palava is surely a place you will fall in love with. Your search for your dream home ends at Palava.