//Largest Mall in India built in Palava City
Lodha Palava in Dombivali Largest Mall in Dombivali

Largest Mall in India built in Palava City

Largest Mall in India – After becoming No.1 smart city of India, Palava is now ready to add another feather to its hat with the largest mall that is going to be built here. A city with all basic and advanced amenities and facilities, Palava is ready for its new massive structure that as announced by Lodha Group will be the largest mall structure in Mumbai.

According to the reports, the Mall will be constructed on over 20 acres of land in Palava city.

It is going to be a ‘Game changer’ as it is termed by Lodha Group, is the Mall not just for Mumbai people but for the entire region. With the massive Mall structure being made in Palava, Lodha is striving to address the unmet needs of the people of Mumbai who seek perfect getaways for their weekends.

Lodha Palava in Dombivali Largest Mall in India

Forgiving people the virtual experience of the Mall, Lodha Group made the astounding 12 feet miniature structure of Mall using 15000 pieces of building blocks. The structure has been made by investing 400 man-hours by the designers of the Lodha group. The miniature structure has been kept in Xperia Mall for the people to view its 9D experience.

The largest Mall will have new elements like a children’s museum, outdoor adventure facilities, water sports in the lake, food streets, etc., the mall aims at the best outing source for the Mumbai people.

 “The development, comprising a mix of a conventional mall and an amusement park, will be created on the lines of international standards,” Lodha said.

In a view of making the largest mall in the vicinity of Mumbai, the Lodha Group will add various new elements for the people who aspire to have a quality life and love spending weekends with their family and friends. The mall with amusement parks and museums will act as a new weekend getaway for them thereby acting as a new delight for them.

Lodha Palava in Dombivali Largest Mall in India

Palava city is a hub of quality life with world-class educational, medical, sports, and other interesting amenities within the city. The beautiful city of Palava is crafted with utmost love and vigor for the people who want to live life king size. The massive landscapes and green belt of the city will help the people of Palava to live a life full of energy and happiness as it is the core of the city.

Lodha believes in spreading happiness and it is doing that by building affordable housing in a world-class city like Palava. With the upcoming mall which is also going to be the largest mall of Mumbai, Palava wants to spread its wings all over the city and make people of the city happy and content.

Also, being the largest in India, the mall certainly is going to attract thousands of tourists from around the city thereby increasing the economy and employment opportunities for the locals. In today’s world of online shopping and working, the construction of malls with brick and mortar had reduced. However, Lodha is trying to bring back the trend and the place where citizens would love to hang out.